Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our day today

Avery had a Dr. appointment today..The special needs Dr/nutritionist that we go see every 6 weeks. The good news is that she has really gained weight..She is at 23lbs 12oz..The Dr was really impressed with that..The other good news is that we finally get to decrease her pediasure to one bottle a day which is 8oz..we were at 3 bottles a day..that stuff really does work!!! It has alot of extra calories..We have to make sure that she don't gain to much weight at one time now...I have stopped thickening her liquids about a couple of weeks ago bc Avery just decided that she really didn't like it too much anymore..Well the Dr wasn't that impressed with that..Avery was kind of razzy noisy breathing when we were in there which has been going on for awhile..They have always told me that the breathing was bc of the acid reflux. So with her breathing and her not having her liquids thicken she wants Avery to go get a swallow study done at the hospital. So we are scheduled to do that on Friday already..They also want to make sure that she don't have respiratory pneumonia.

Avery also had her two therapies and ot. THey have been working on stairs and walking in PT. She is crawling upstairs but dont know how to get back down. She is also cruising really fast around things and will stand for a few seconds by herself or stand with her back against something..She loves to walk. I think she will be walking pretty soon.How exciting is that!!! In OT they are working more on fine motor skills like shape sorter and pushing buttons with pointer finger and we found out Avery hates playdough. She must not like the texture. She threw it almost as fast as they put it in her hand. So I guess we will start working on introducing different textures and stuff like that in OT.

Avery learned about gravity the other day. She took a nose dive over the chair and into the toy box. I was really worried about her neck but she seems to be doing fine..Her face got pretty bruised up and her tummy got all marked up too.

I am having a really hard time keeping her out of the candy bowl too. She LOVES the suckers!!! She even likes them with the wrapper on so of course i just let her have her fun with wrapper on less mess:))

I guess sometimes you get to teach your children a valuable lesson out of a grocery shopping trip..While we were in the front part of our grocery store we were standing in the entryway I was looking at the ad and there were some advertised food out in the entry way (dumb idea in the first place bc you cant see out there from inside the store) but anyways there was a lady there and she thought she was being sneaky and acted like she was looking at the bag well anyways she started to walk away with it and then Destiny said "that lady just walked outside with the food mom wihtout paying for it" So i go and tell someone that is working but by the time i found someone and told them and went back to the parking lot she was gone of course..she got away with a bag of chex mix..was it really worth it??!! No, but my children did learn a good lesson at the grocery store that I am sure they wont forget:))

Here's a picture of Averys face after the fall and her enjoying her suckers with the wrapper on :D


CarmenK. said...

Keep me updated! You guys are in my prayers!

aliimberi said...

OUCHY! Avery and Gage look alike now! Gage likes to fall off the chairs too!!!

Keep us updated as I know you will, on her dr appointment.a