Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 Gift Exchange

This year I signed up to do a gift exchange on a blog. She had over 900 people sign up this time. WOW!!  She does it twice a year in the spring and in the fall. This was the first time that I had signed up but I will def be doing it again. When you sign up you are emailed a partner and you email back and forth with each other and then you have a long time like a month to send out a gift that you made for your partner. You do have a deadline to get your gift out by but then u just wait for your gift to come in the mail too.  She has people on stand by too for when your partner doesn’t follow through.
Here is what I sent my partner. I sent her a ruffle checkbook cover, a ruffled wristlet keychain, a ruffled sunglass case, and a coffee cozy {or hot cup holder} that you can just put back in your purse after you are done with your coffee.
and this is what  I received from my partner: Wooden calendar..isn't it adorable..I LOVE it!! The months have Velcro on it so you can change it depending on what month it is. and the each side to the blocks have scrapbook paper and different numbers. 
Wanna check out what some other people got???  You can go here she has a linky party where u can link up what u made and what u receive so everyone can see!!!

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