Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Jianna & Jayla

Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that I was posting this picture on here and telling you all that we were expecting twins????!!!
twin ultrasound
Where they were referred to as Baby A and Baby B!!  I still can remember just calling them baby a and baby b forerever bc well that was what we were used to calling them when I was pregnant with them. Oh but I wouldn’t want to go back to the pregnancy..NO NOT EVER!!!!!  That has got to be the worst thing I have EVER gone through!!!  How my body is in one piece after them is beyond me!! But it was all sooo worth it!!  I would have never in a million wished for twins. { In fact it has been one of my biggest fears since me and Jared got together. We would talk about it when we were dating what I would do… mainly bc of how I would handle them with my arm..for those of you that don’t know yes I do have a bad arm..I have what is called erb’s palsy or brachial plexus in my right arm..I was born with it..more on that on another day..I'm writing a post about it but it might be awhile bc it is taking some time to write it all out!!!} But God decided I needed to tackle my fear head on!!  I am soooo glad that he has blessed us with twins. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love this picture..this is when they were laying under the lights and Jianna put her leg up on Jayla and then Jayla reached down and layed her hand on Jianna!!
Cant belive I carried them until 36-37 weeks.and they were 6lbs and 6.8lbs..But they were still sooo tiny!!!  Awwww!!!! 
twin 2
twin 4
They keep things really interesting at our house!!!  They are my diggers, writers, climbers. I have never had them before until these two. They keep me on my toes all day!!!!  They are turning two..The terrible twos!!! and I think it is going to be a very interesting year to say the least!!!  Here are a few recent pictures of them just having fun..twice the fun!!

twin 5
Jianna LOVES to give kisses and usually Jayla doesn’t like to receive them!!!
twin 11
Yeap see here Jayla is pushing her away!!! 
twin 12
Up to no good..picking leaves off my tree one by one!!!
twin 10
They love to sit on each other like this and then jump…usually Jayla will lay down and pat her tummy for Jianna to come and sit on her and jump…
twin 7
In there butterfly dresses that I made them!!
twin 6
They love to push each other in the doll stroller {they had to get another one for Christmas bc I was tired of the fights over the one}
Nope not going to look at you mom!!! Ha! This was from there 2 yr photo shoot I attempted..didn’t go very good..what u cant tell???!!:)
twin 8
I am working on editing there 2 yr pictures of the ones that I did get so when I get them done ill post them too!! 
Jayla can be my cuddlebug if she wants to..She is my writer..and it is very irritating..she is always finding pens and pencils and writing on everything…she has a mean temper..uunnntt all drawn out is probably her favorite word right now. and when she is mad watch out bc she finds things to throw and poor Jianna if she is in the cross way then she gets hit too..Then she will lay her self on the floor and cry.  Jayla still has the pointed ear. She is the runner and doesn't like to come to me very often when called. She doesn’t like to get kisses or give them. She doesn’t like to play with toys but loves to dig and play with everything she isn't suppose to be!!! Nicknamed Jianna- Gigi
jaylajayla 2
Jianna is my cuddle bug!!!  She loves to give kisses and receive them! She is also my climber and digger. She is  quiet  the character though..She is constantly making us laugh..She walks around on her tippy toes all the time while taking very big strides in-between each step. Jianna now has a freckle on her left cheek that some people use to tell them apart. Some people still can not tell them apart!!!  She doesn’t like to play with toys but but loves to dig and play with everything she isn't suppose to be!! Jianna scares really easy..she gets nervous over the littlest things..Nicknamed Jayla..LaLa.
jianna 1

Together watch out because you two are destructive!!  Pretty much go from one mess to another!! You both do not like to share and love to take toys/things away from each other. You love to see what the other one is up to and either join in or yell No. They both love to walk around in other peoples shoes..They are both starting to copy everything that you say. For some reason you both love to take off your socks, shoes and pretties pretty much the second you get in your car seats. Soo frustrating. When Im changing ones diaper the other one is looking over my shoulder saying eeewwww!!! They are always saying “Hi mama..or Hi dada whenever they see us and then repeat it over and over and over!!! They love babies….and there kiki can not be with out there kiki for sure…and if the other one gets hurt they will run and find there kiki for them...The minute I sit down they both love to climb all over me then fight over who is sitting where..{I don’t sit down very much…but it gets to be pretty interesting in church}
Happy Birthday sweet babies of mine…{they can still be my babies if I want them to be..even though they are toddlers now..Winking smile}

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