Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Avery can write her name

We started out the year with Avery just being able to draw a circle over and over again or lines down. And now she is able to do this!!!!
Yes my friends she wrote her name all by HERSELF!!!  Woohooo!!! The first box is her name too but look how much neater she gets when her therapist drew lines to keep each letter within each box.
She can also recognize her name which is soooo awesome!! I was sitting at the table peeling address labels off to put on my Christmas cards and Avery was sitting across from me and she says “Mom, Avery” as she is pointing to the back of the sheet. So I turned it over and yeap sure enough the company logo Avery is all over the back. I am just amazed at how far she has come just being in school for a few months. There were two of her goals that we thought she would take all year to accomplish and she has done them in a few months. Way to go Avery this mama is very proud!!!Smile


Abby S said...

WOW! I'm impressed!!!

Laura said...

Avery is amazing! Way to go!