Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday Brielle!!

It was Tuesday Dec 9th that we headed off to the hospital to have you. I was being induced. Overall my labor and delivery was fast and easy. Around 8:00am we arrived at the hospital. Shortly afterwards they started the drug into my IV to induce labor. Half way through the labor I decided that I needed an epidural. The nurse came back and checked me every hour to see if I was progressing any faster. At one o’clock I was dilated to an 8 and when the nurse came back to check on me around two o’clock she could see the top of the babies head. My little girl was ready to come out to meet the world. About five minutes of pushing  (three big pushes) at 2:46 pm our daughter, Brielle Candace, entered the world. I will never forget that moment when I held her tiny newly born body in my arms and looked at her for the first time. She is perfect and beautiful. She brings so much to our family..The one who is soooo much like me..{we bump heads many times} She really challenges me…She is soooo creative in everything she does..she hates to read and hates school..she likes to be different then everyone else..she didn’t want to bring cupcakes or cookies to school like everyone else does….no she wanted to bring Krispy Kreme we had to go all the way down there and get some yesterday for school today..and she is a big Daddy’s girl..loves to go fishing and hunting with Jared..{on her Christmas list this year a pistol and a shotgun and camo clothes and ear plugs but she tells me don’t get me the ear plugs or the camo clothes if you aren't going to get me any of the guns! } haha!!!  She is a VERY picky eater..but we love her sooo much and we are so glad that God blessed us with her eight years ago!!!
Here is a pic of her when she was a few days old…{its not as clear..sorry I took a picture of a picture with my phone and uploaded it that way}..and then a recent picture of her..She is growing up to be a fine young woman and I couldn’t be more proud of her…

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Laura said...

Happy birthday Brielle!