Saturday, May 4, 2013

A couple videos

So I have an IEP post in the brew too bc we had Avery’s IEP last week but I just wanted to post these videos on here..One thing they said in her IEP was that she only knew ONE sound out of all the letters..and I could not believe my ears..bc that girls knows most of her letter sounds…so I came home and made a video…two actually…so you listen and tell me if she only knows ONE letter sound bc it sounds a lot more then ONE to meWinking smile 

In the second video I had it so she could see herself just so you are warned bc there are a few spots that she gets distracted by herself….LOL!!!

They also said that they thought she knew her sight words when you flash them to her on flash cards but when you actually put the words in books and on paper she isnt able to read them…soooo  I went home and gave her a book to read…after you look at the video let me know if you think she is reading her sight words on paper and in books or not..Kind of looks like it to me but once again I could be wrong:/ So  I am going to take the videos in and show her teachers bc maybe she isnt showing them everything she can do…Im not really sure but if she isnt then we need to figure out how to get them to get her to show them.

FYI- Groupon has a really really good deal on Preschool Prep videos right now!!!!  Avery LOVES these videos..they have a set of numbers, letters, colors, shapes for 15.99 and free shipping too!!! They also have the sight word video set..and the phonic set..I just ordered the phonic set for Avery..we have the sight word ones..and as a matter of fact the book she is reading in the video is a book from Preschool Prep..its Meet the sight words easy reader books level 1. Love them all so far!!!! They make it really fun and engage them. I swear the numbers, letters, colors ones are the ones that taught Avery them. and they also have apps too that are worth every.single.penny.I think we have them all!

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