Saturday, May 4, 2013

Avery’s 6th Birthday

Avery wasn’t able to go to school on her birthday bc she was sick..she was really sick..she had been battling the stomach bug..(back in marchWinking trying to play catch up while im stuck on the couch..theres a post coming for an update too) So out of all the birthdays we are 4 for 5 for something bad happening on them this yearSad smile So my plan was to have a big tea party with Avery had some of her friends over Spring break but guess what…we got hit with another bug and so I kind of just brushed it under the rug and said forget about it…bc it had been just one sickness after another then my procedure.

We started off the day going to the dr. I wasn’t sure if she had an appendicitis or if it was a stomach bug. we were on day 4 and she wasn’t improving at all and she would grab her stomach and start crying owie..when she cant communicate to me it becomes rather difficult to figure out exactly what is going on. Its always a guessing game. So I was tired of guessing and I wanted to make sure it wasn’t her appendix. anytime she gets sick or gets a little tummy ache..she will say.. doctor..and I ask her you want me to take you to the doctor..and she says. yes.


dr figured it was just a virus..bc he numbers were right were they should be. that is one thing I like about her doctor..he will instantly check her WBC to see what her numbers are and then we go from there..and then she was ready to go home and take a nap…


But we still celebrated her birthday. Her life is worth celebrating..and as time goes on and years go by I don’t feel like I need to reflect so much on her birth anymore. Instead I want to reflect on the bright positive girl she is becoming. But a part of me will always have her birth day in my head and it will always be brought to the surface on her birthday. But I sure am glad that God blessed us her!

If you ask Avery how old she is she still will say FIVE…and I will have to remind her no…you had a birthday remember and now you are SIX!!!!!  You are getting to be a big girl..she just giggles..




The neighbor girl whose a 6th grader and who is also  Destiny’s friend  brought Avery a birthday present for her birthday… a bag full of goodies which included bubbles..Avery’s favorite…Avery loves her too..everyday when I drop her off at school she says…Cassidy bc she thinks Cassidy is going to be there to get her out of the car bc she has been there in the past..


and she took another nap.


Avery’s supper of choice was chicken..and so I asked her what she wanted with her chicken..and she says…hmmmmm chicken and potatoes is what we had..shes pretty easy to pleaseSmile She also wanted white cupcakes..hmm I don’t really want to look at you mom I need to keep an eye on this fire..



Nope sorry mom I just cant do it I don’t feel that great..and she didn’t really eat her supper either..


But she seemed to find a little bit of energy to open her presentsSmile 




Brielle reading her card that she made to Avery while she opens Brielle's gift..some stickers…and a noisy music toy..that she repurposed..I think it was Brielle's and it was a tan color and I know she painted it red for her


Brielle asked Avery what she wanted for her birthday before and she said bubbles. a balloon.(which brielle made sure to get for her). a bear. and a doll like Brielle she in other words she wanted a American Girl doll..which worked out really good in my favor bc before Christmas American Girl had ran a special on 2 dolls for $50 each. That is unheard of..American Girl hardly ever runs specials and so I jumped all over them before they were gone which they went pretty fast..I actually have a couple more up in my closet for when the twins get to be a couple more years older but I kept on to Avery’s until her birthday so I was happy to hear that is what she wanted too..Smile 


Destiny being silly and putting Marie Grace (think that is her name)hat on Avery...and I would say she LOVES her doll!!!!!


A couple days later when she went back to school then she celebrated her birthday at school.


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