Saturday, May 4, 2013

Twins are 3!!!!

(back at the end of December…lol)
Wow can hardly believe we have made it the last three years…ha..I feel like I can finally breath though. and really just enjoy them both. The first three years are survival mode. they are all a blur really. But I have to say twins is something that you really wouldn’t ask for but after you get past the first couple of years they are really fun and I enjoy them. and we are so blessed to have twins both of these super silly goofy girls.
The girls woke up and knew it was there birthday. they had been asking me since Christmas when they were going to turn 3. When they woke up I sang happy birthday to them and they said its my birthday with a squeak. yeap it sure is girls and you are three now. Immediately they asked for there cake and presentsSmile and they didn’t like that they had to wait until after supper to open them.
Jianna..the smart one..the more shy one…talks non stop. spunky one. very mischievous. very curious. funny. Loves chocolate and loves to color and loves to play barbies, and play dolls.
Jayla..the one who keeps me on my toes. wants to always bug Jianna…and out wit her. have what she wants. the leader. the cuddler.  sassy. tattler. loves chocolate.loves to color. and play with babies and barbies.
I was going to have a big Thing 1 and Thing 2 bday party bc well if you have twins you have to have at least one bday party with this theme. But we didn’t have a party bc well we got invaded by some unwanted guests and we will just leave it at thatWinking smile But they did still get there cupcakes…
Jayla getting ready to open presents from everyone…including the older kids and grandparents from far away..
The twins opening there presents from Destiny…some stickersSmileand some other goodies..
Can u guess where they got the candy from???? From one of there older sistersSmile
There supper choice was pizza…
Twins with there twins dolls…
This was taken a few months later…but shopping at Costco with 2 sets of twins..oh boy!!Smile
There are many times where I look at them and think Wow I have twins.I still cant believe that I have twins..but they are such a blessing and I am truly blessed to have twins.  I was just telling someone the other day I feel like I can actually start enjoying them and I am out of survival mode for now.

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