Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pictures from Avery’s last Surgery

The minute we walked into the hospital she knew…the girl just knew what was going to happen…She was starting to get cranky too bc they were taking forever and going way past her time to go in the operating room…and She hadnt eaten anything since midnight. apparently the dr was running behind with the operation that was scheduled before her.


Aww George..Her and George have been on quite the wild adventure together…He is always right there by her side..and she loves him!!!!!


She told me George wanted the hat on tooSmile 


Getting rolled to the operating room


Here we goo…and im a little nervous mom….I asked to go back with her while they put her to sleep..and no matter how many times you do it it never gets easy..


and it never gets easier to see them like this…when she was waking up u see the oxygen mask next to her..well she didn’t need it but she thought she did..she would nuzzle right up into the was kind of funny..


When she did wake she kept a very close eye on the nurse as you can see!!


Here are the screws that were in Avery’s hip..the last time when she had the screws removed up in Boston the dr accidentally threw them away..and so this time I made sure I told her dr here that I wanted them..and so when he came out to talk to me he brought them out to me…I was kind of shocked to see them that long!!!


Hopefully this will be my last post on her hips for a very long time!!!!

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