Saturday, May 4, 2013

Handwriting without tears

Handwriting without tears is a great program…I have been working with it with Avery for a couple years now..but really A LOT in the last year. I bought the kindergarten teachers book and the student workbook and that is what I have been using and of course I make copies of the worksheets in the workbook so I can do them over and over and over again..but they also have other great tools but they can be a tan expensive..well not when you can make them yourself!!Smile 

So I did a  DIY of the letter curves to make them free!! I had some scrap thin particle board in our garage from a kids kitchen that my husband took apart (I was getting after him for keeping that thing too..kept telling him what in the world are you going to do with that stuff…well low and behold it worked out in my favorWinking smile so then I borrowed Avery’s OT therapist actual ones and copied them..naughty I know.  so then I had Jared cut them out with his jig saw. he was thrilled..he told me to I had to try but then didn’t like my job so he quickly took over..ha! and she had made up the sheets of paper to go with them and she let me copy them too..but they would be easy to make up once you got the pieces cut







What is this good for you ask????? Pre-writing instruction and practice made easy (size, shape, and position words and concepts). Use with Capital Letter Cards and Mat to teach letter building. It all helps with prewriting skills too. Heres the link to the website for the wood pieces…and the capital letter papers..Ideal for children who are just starting to learn to build capital letters. Front teaches stroke, sequence, and placement for letters using Wood Pieces Set. Opposite side of each letter card includes letter recognition matching’s the link to the website for the letter cards.

Few other things we have did ourselves that go back to Handwriting with out tears…buy a little chalk board at the dollar store and put the smiley face up in the corner with a permanent marker…and when you use chalk break it into pieces it’s a good OT fine motor skill too work on. and for the sponges..we just cut them up into little squares too..and do the wet.dry.try. on the chalk board with our letters.

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