Friday, November 2, 2012

31 for 21: Day 26 Happy Halloween

We got back from SD just in time to go Trick or Treating…We got home at 4:00 and had some cereal for supper..hey it’s the only time I can get away with it bc everyone was sick of fast food from traveling and wanted something good..and of course that was the only thing in the house since I didn’t have time to go grocery shopping.
Destiny was an Native American Princess:
Brielle: Laura from Laura Ingalls Wilder (she doesn’t look to happy bc destiny made fun of her hat right before pictures telling her she looked like a she didn’t want to wear the hat but then I talked her into wearing it anyways..then Jared came home and asked her what she was suppose to be and she took of crying again and said she wasn’t going trick or treating…so then Jared got all funny looking (see next picture) and went up and got Brielle and had success getting her into the car..and then we went over to Brian and Lorinda’s so we could meet up with all the cousins to go trick or treating and her aunt told her she had to wear the hat then after that I think she was ok with the hat..

DSC_0264 (HAHA!!)
Avery- of course was George.I was just excited that it fit over her cast..when she told me she wanted to be George I wasn’t sure it was going to work out..
Jayla the bubble bee
Jianna the lady bug
Trick or treating with cousins
and it wouldn’t be complete with out doing a little switching..Winking smile
Pretty sure we have enough candy to last us until next year:)

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lovemy3 said...

What cute little girls! Love the last minute drama...we have it here, too...with the boys!