Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

We had to carve our pumpkins late this year bc of our trip to this past weekend we finally did them..


Avery enjoyed using a spoon to scoop all the seeds out…we save the seeds so we can make pumpkin seeds..


Destiny has no problem cleaning hers out either..


Brielle- not so much..she really really doesn’t like to clean out her pumpkin..I told Avery to put her hand in there and clean it out..and she had a lot of fun doing that..


The twins were not impressed..took one look at it and said not touching that..


We ended up painting the twins pumpkins…much easier;)



Brielle decided she wanted to paint her pumpkin also…


Destiny carved hers all by herself.and after wards deciding she wanted to paint it her pumpkin got a little bit of both..


Avery was so into carving her pumpkin this year..after we cleaned it out she says..face now..While she was drawing out her face she would say eye..another eye..nose.and mouth..and when it was all done. she kept just looking at it..and could tell she was happy about it…


That’s a wrap until next year…

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Jenny said...

Love the look on Avery's face when she put her hand in the pumpkin! lol