Friday, November 9, 2012

Count down is on!!!!

FOUR more days to go until we are cast free!!!!!! (IF the x-rays look good!) We I can not wait until this Is all behind us!!! Tuesday is the big day!!!

I realized I never posted a video of Avery walking around with her cast on..she started walking around with it on about one month and one week after her surgery…you would never know she had a spica cast on if you seen her might wonder why she is humped over a little but she doesn’t walk slow..she will even try to run in it.silly girl.

I will be ready to wear regular clothes on her..She can only wear skirts and dresses..So far it has worked out weather wise…it still is pretty nice here so we haven't had to worry about her legs getting cold..but when we went up to SD she did get cold..we wore leg warmers on her a few times..the ones I made last time..Where I took  long socks and cut off the toe and heel part and sewed the sock back together a little bit and you have leg warmers…soo easy and soo cute..



lovemy3 said... definitely cannot tell if you didn't know. I'm impressed. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well with the scans and you are cast free come Tuesday!

Jenny said...

She can sure walk pretty fast with that cast on! Hope the x-rays look good and she can get that cast off in the next few days!