Sunday, November 25, 2012

Quick Update

Just a quick update…I know I have not been around lately…on posting or on the blogs that I read frequently…but I ve been trying to play catch up for awhile now since getting back from our quick trip to SD..and then getting ready for Thanksgiving..and then I also have had some medical things going on with me..

I do want to share with you all that Avery has not had her oncology dr appointment yet. She will have it on Thursday this week. Will keep you all updated on that when I know something..otherwise I just keep taking pictures of flare ups..we have had a couple more since the first one..and then they fade away again. strange…very strange..Very interested to see what the doctor has to say about it.

As far as me..well I am still trying to figure out my migraines and playing with different medicines and seeing what works and what doesn’ far we are still on the what doesn’t work end..haven't really found anything that really works well.. I also have had a few new symptoms come up that have me questioning that something more serious might be going I am demanding my neurologist dr to order me a CT scan..I have also been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease so I am trying to figure that out and how to relieve the symptoms of that naturally which my ENT dr wants to try for a month… I go back in a month to him and see what he says..He did order a hearing test and also a movement test and I failed the movement test in my right ear..and in my left ear I have apparently lost some hearing in my left ear. I don’t know how much though. I don’t know much more then that..I haven’t had time to research much on it.

We had a great Thanksgiving with Jared’s family. Then us girls decided to go out Thursday night to Toys R Us..We only did one store then when we got home we went home and to bed…while the guys decided to embark on Black Friday shopping..and even went to Charlotte..but the funny thing..they came home with NOTHING>.they got tired of waiting in line and put it back..hahaha! 

I truly hope all of my family and friends had a very happy and blessed Thanksgiving..

I could list out everything that I am thankful..but truly I am thankful for everything. I don’t take anything for granted. WE have had our share of health problems but it could be worse..and for that I am thankful.and I have to remind myself that often.. We have so much to be thankful..God is so good!!  Thanks be to God!


Becky said...

thanks for the updates...i have been thinking of you and your family. we will be praying...yes, God is so good!

Anna Theurer said...

Oh goodness! You have a lot going on. Been wondering about Avery's heme/onc appt. A MRI might be in order if you are having migraines with odd symptoms. I do hope you can get into neuro rather quickly. Also sad to hear about Meniere's dz. keep us posted. Hugs.

Jenny said...

That is a lot to deal with all at once. Keep us posted on Avery's appointment this Thursday, praying everything is ok with her.
Sending prayers your way as well and that you can figure out the health issues you are dealing with.
Glad you had a good Thanksgiving :)