Monday, November 5, 2012

Published Pup with Brielle

This past week I was invited to Brielle’s school to go listen to her read her writing piece. For every nine weeks every class picks one person per class to read there writing piece and they they all go in the lunch room and have a snack and listen to everyone read there stories. She was so nervous when she woke up..she didn’t even want to go to school.we had a crying fit..and then she just went SUPER slow. We talked through it and she seemed pretty calm but she did tell me that she was still really nervous. 



She wrote her story about her surgery that she had last was so interesting to listen to it from her point of view…One funny part that she remembers..After she came out of surgery all she could eat was ice chips..but apparently her mom and dad got to eat french toast..(even though I cant remember thatWinking smile

Afterwards her principal told her that a teacher from another grade picked out her writing piece and shared it at a teacher meeting.



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