Saturday, May 4, 2013

Update on Me

Well I am two weeks into recovery and Im still on the STUPID couch. Yes for something that I thought was only going to take 3-4 has been a VERY long two weeks too…So where do I start…Well on the first week at the beginning of the week I got a cold and the drs are saying that is what is kind of is prolonging the recovery. So all the first week I laid flat on my back bc if I got up to much I got dizzy and lightheaded..and the head pressure was intense.
Here was my FB status after a week:
Ok so we are almost a week out and im still not back to getting very impatient....Talked to dr yesterday she said to give her a MONTH...a MONTH i said..and she said it was the least i could do since i have been suffering for the last 3 years..she is soooo optimsitic that this is going to work...really wish i could be too..i have my doubts. if im still really out of it by Monday call her and then we will take some next steps..but she said it will take time. everyone recovers differently and I just have to remember that:( So baby steps it is i guess....
Today has been a pretty good day for the most part...but hurts to do anything streneous. So i walk around like a litttle old lady;)
Here was my FB status on Tuesday of this week:
Well I woke up thinking today was going to be a great day.. Was feeling a little better so decided to go find me some cough medicine( been battling a cold too) and get a few necessities at Costco. Shortly after that it went downhill Fast. My head pain just kept escalating and it got to the point of explosion!!!!! I lost it... I couldn't handle the excruciating pain..i was making it worse by cryin..., my coughing attacks weren't helping at all either. It even hurt to talk. All I wanted to do was just start banging my head on the wall to make the pain stop! It has been one of the roughest nights in a long time. Called Jared at my breaking point. He was tied up at work for awhile and couldn't come home so he called my neighbor. Soo thankful for a great friend/neighbor that could take the kids. Called the dr. Up at Duke. Couldn't get her at first was ready for Jared to take me in to hospital. She finally called back and told me exactly what all I could take from the prescriptions she gave me. Told me to take a little extra of diamox, Pain pills, relpax. I'm kind of on cloud nine right now though but thankfully the head pain has subsided for the time being. Dr figured it was from me not taking the diamox today(didn't take it this morning bc I was feeling good). So apparently I have to come off of the medicines that she prescribed for me slowly so this doesn't happen again. Its been 11 days already and I'm soo ready for a turning point. Tomorrow is a new day and hopefully it will be a better day!
Here was my FB status on Thursday of this week:
Well yesterday was another rough day... So I called the dr again and she called me in another prescription so when we went to go get it... Found out it had sulfa in it ( my mom has always told me I'm allergic to sulfa but don't know what happens) so I called my mom and she told me that I just broke out on a rash when I was 6... So I decided to try it anyways bc I was desperate... Turns out all last night my body wanted to get it out of me or something bc I was hovered over the toilet all night throwing up....:( so I'm really hesitant to take another one this morning. So here I lay again flat on my back all stinkin day and cant do anything.....Here comes the vent bc quite frankly I'm done.... I'm so SICK of my head explosions, I'm so SICK of laying flat on my back, I'm so SICK of not being able to take care of my family. I'm just SICK of being sick..its been two weeks of this constant high pressure headache N everything else and I'm sorry but it is soooo wearing on a person and i cant take it anymore!
Dr said that we have to get the head pain/pressure under control on the new medicine first and then we could switch to the other medicine. Bc I think the new medicine is what is making me nausea. The nausea is really bad too..if I move a little bit I'm over the toilet either puking or dry heaving.
So this last Friday I was still really nausea and had to lay down and hardly move but the head pressure was coming down some.
Today i m not really that nausea but if I move around a lot I do get nausea but I can sit up on the couch so that is a huge move. I still have pressure in my head but its not near as bad…but if I move around a lot then it gets I fell like finally we are starting to see progress a little bit. Maybe over the next couple of days it will only keep improving FINALLY!!!!!

So whats a person to do when they are stuck on the couch all day long....update there blog..sorry for all the posts but it feels good to be sort of catched back up now!!!!!

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Jenny said...

Really hope you start feeling better soon, being couch bound for that long would be horrible!!
On the plus side I have enjoyed reading all your blog posts you have had time to do :)