Thursday, October 11, 2012

31 for 21: Day 11 One Month Marker

It has been ONE month since Avery’s surgery. ONE month down and ONE more to go..and we can say good ridden to the cast..and all of this is going to be one huge distant memory. Destiny just told me the other day too…Mom can you believe it Avery can get her cast off in almost a month. So apparently we are all counting down the days. We were told that Avery had to at least stay off of her feet for at least a month and after that she could walk if she wanted to as long as she left the cast on…So my girls kept saying tonight..Avery can walk tomorrow mom…Avery can walk tomorrow..I don’t know if they just think she is going to miracously get off the couch and walk bc it has been one month and that is what she did last time or what..but I informed them that she will walk when it feels comfortable to her. Who knows when that will be but my back is hoping it is soon!!! ;)
Avery seems to be adjusting well to life in the cast. We have only had one little accident in the cast. Apparently she was trying to get my attention and never got it and ended up going pee on the couch and it got all over her we had to take the top of and blow dry it and then turn it over and do the same with the back. I was thankful once again that the cast was removable to be able to do this. What does she do all day???  Well she stays on the couch and either watches tv or plays on the iPad. We have been trying to get her caught up on all of her school work. She just started homebound this week..took awhile to get it going…She will get 5 hours a week. Three hours from her regular teacher. one hour from one of her resource teachers.and one hour from her speech therapist.
We will go to her ortho dr down here on Monday and they will x-ray her and check to make sure that everything is still in place and then send everything up to her dr in Boston. Praying everything is healing good and it is still in place..bc then it means we are doing this all for something..
Since we are at the one month marker that also means that she can take a bath…YAY for an actual bath!!! I can take her cast of and lay her in a bathtub but after she is done she has to go directly back in the cast. I am tired of sponge baths and she is too…but she does enjoy to get her hair washed..kind of like being at a salon I guess. She soaks it all in..and just lays there with a huge smile on her eyes and says and over again.
Apparently she has been watching Dora a little to much while on couch rest..ha! Bc Destiny came home from school and all of a sudden you hear Avery tell her “Hola” …and Destiny does a double take and looks at me strangely..and says since when has Avery learned Spanish..So she doesn’t speak English very good but you can defiantly  understand her Spanish..maybe we are teaching her the wrong!
Avery has been popping her right knee in and out…and she will then complain that it hurts..this is making me very nervous…Why???? Well one look at the picture…does this look right to you????
The way she does it has got to be moving her right hip in weird positions??? or maybe its just my thinking…and two..she has moved onto something else..So we have corrected her hips and she can no longer pop them in and out and know since we have done that she has found another joint to do it to. Her knee…Do I really have to go through all of this again this time with her knees???? I trying not to jump to conclusions and think the worse bc I do not know anything else..but you can be sure I will be asking her dr about it on Monday.


Becky said...

That cracks me up with Hola! Kristen loves Dora too. I will be praying for all to go well. I will have to say the position of her knee is impressive. I love all your posts and pictures!

Jenny said...

Oh man, I can't believe she can angle her leg like that! It will be nice for her to get out of her cast :)
Oh and Dora, ya, with three girls in this house I have put in YEARS worth of Dora watching! So glad Russell doesn't like that show it was getting old! lol

Laura said...

Hola Avery! The end is in sight for the cast:)