Monday, October 22, 2012

31 for 21: Day 22

I finally moved my twins out of there cribs…yes I know they are almost three..but I'm hanging onto my babiesSmile So I moved them into a double bed so they could sleep together. As I was taking down there cribs I took down one first then asked them where are you going to sleep now…and they said in La-la’s crib..and so then I took down the other crib..and asked them where are you going to sleep now…and they go running down the hallway towards my room and said in mommy’s
So when I got the bed in there room..and all set up they were all excited..and of course instantly started to jump on the bed..and it is one thing that I can not get them to stop…When they are suppose to be taking a nap..which actually is just a little bit of quiet time for mom now..I hear them jumping on the bed..stinkers..
One pillow has to be one way and the other pillow has to be the other way..they are very specific OCD about that detail.
and still has to be covered up a certain way..and baby tucked in next to each of them..and now George has to be tucked in next to them too…
How did the first night go you ask????  HORRIBLE!!!!!!! I got no sleep what so-ever…They kept falling out of bed..This is how it went…thunk..waaaaaa..followed by a scream….and so I would go in there quiet them down and put them back in bed..and they would fall back asleep so I would go back to bed and just fall back to sleep and..thunk..waaa..followed by a scream…you get the went on like that All.Night.Long!  I did manage to sneak in there before I went to bed..and found them like this…so I had to take a picture..on my phone..that’s why its not the greatest..but too cute not too!!! 
So I went to the store the very next day and bought mattress rails for each side..but then I came home and seen on my FB that someone suggested pool noodles under the sheet on each side..WAY CHEAPER IDEA…so I took the mattress rails back and tried the pool noodles..They work!!!! For the most part anyways..we have only had a few occasions where I am suddenly woke up to a big bang bc one of them fell out.
The same day we put them in there beds we also took away there sippy cups:(..they were still getting a milk cup at night..I know I know…they are almost three..but still..They now only get a sippy cup if we are leaving or babies aren't babies any more..sniff..sniff..
So I thought I should try to potty train them so we can be done with diapers too….HUGE.EPIC. FAIL. what in the world was I thinking???????   Lets just say that I had pee and poo everywhere all day long bc I thought I would stick it out and they would catch on…If you thought potty training one was hard…try TWO. DISASTEROUS! We will try again in a another year..I don’t even care. ha!  I actually don’t mind changing diapers anymore..way better then cleaning them up after a poo accident in underwear..Yuck!


lovemy3 said...

You mean, I can't leave Hailey in her crib until she is 4? You are an over-achiever! Good luck with potty training!!! I will have to say, they are absolutely adorable!

Anna Theurer said...

I don't mind the diapers either. . . and I only have the one kiddo to train! The bedding is adorable. Best of luck. I know the next few weeks will be tough until they get used to it. Ellie still falls asleep on the floor, behind the door.

Becca said...

Oh, that sleeping photo is SOOOOO adorable!! Love this post - what a process with two!! We didn't take away Samantha's bedrail until she was 5. She probably would have been fine before that, but we were paranoid. LOL Pool noodle - perfect!!!

Laura said...

The pool noodle idea is great. You deserve an award for training two at once:) My cousin has twin boys and I know it is hard work.

Jenny said...

Oh twins...I'm not sure I would have the energy to do two at once! lol

My girls shared a bed for years, they loved it. Even now with their own beds I often find them all crammed in one sleeping together. It always makes me smile. The pictures of your girls asleep is so precious.