Saturday, October 13, 2012

31 for 21: Day 13 happy Birthday Destiny

Today’s post has nothing to do with Ds..its all about celebrating our oldest birthday.
Happy 11th Birthday Destiny!!!! 
Wow…has it already been 11 years since we welcomed you into this world…Its really crazy how fast time really does just seem like yesterday…Destiny was 13 days late..My due date was Oct. 1 and every day that went by seemed like eternity..I was just dying to meet my baby..we didn’t know if she was a girl or boy and it was driving me crazy.. she is the only one that we didn’t find out..I couldn’t do it againWinking smile..She was my hardest labor/delivery. I labored at home for 48 hrs. I was going on about 48hrs of ZERO sleep. I was going in to be induced bc I was two weeks over and well I was far enough on my own that I didn’t need to be induced..yay for that!!!  But I had horrible back labor with her…I had an epidural and I still felt everything..the front and the back..I almost went crazy..not kidding… Back labor is no don’t know if you should grab your stomach or your back bc you are in so much pain..with no relief from anything..I pushed the longest with her..three and half hours..I was exhausted..and finally the dr decided it was time to get the vacuum out to help…and I will remember it as plain as day..I had a new dr. he had just came into the practice that I was going to the last couple of weeks and of course I had to get him..Sad smile .I don’t advise that…Anyways as he is getting the vacuum out he looks at the vacuum and says what’s this???…..excuse me mister..but WHAT>>>>!!!!!!  I about lost it..You don’t know what it is and you are about to use it doing what…The nurses felt the need to explain to me later that it was just not what he was used to and it was a different one…I don’t really care he should not of said that in front of a laboring woman..that was almost to the point of going loco.. She finally arrived at 12:37pm and she came out not and Jared just stared at each other..we were sooo scared as to what was going on..They rushed her over to the table and were working on her for what seemed like forever..and FINALLY she screamed and it was music to my ears…
Not the best picture bc I had to scan it in…but look at how tired I look…and how oh my…I was only 19 when I had her..My first born..The one who made me a mom…who made me feel that love like no other. I had only just met her and I was totally smitten in love with her..she was perfect..just perfect…and her daddy was totally in love with her too…He was such a proud first time daddy too…I love this picture of them…in fact Destiny has it beside her bed in a frame..she likes it tooSmile The second picture was when she was 6 days old…check out all of her hair..she was born with some hair..and she still has some hair..tons of it!!
We both couldn’t get enough of her…That day on October 13, 2001 we became first time parents..we became a family of three. Thank you GOD for blessing us with Destiny 11 years ago and making us parents and blessing our family..
Destiny is very much a girlie girl..she loves to shop..she loves clothes..she loves, loves shoes..She loves fancy things..she is always particular about her hair..and always wants to look good before leaving the house..The girl is hilarious..Want to hear her last joke…We were at Spinx with my SIL after the buddy walk and I told Destiny to run over and give her a bottle of water..and as she is handing her the water she tells her “making your life easier” which is the Spinx sayin..its all over there signs…lol!!  She loves to play piano..and she plays it soo well..I love to listen to her. She is very smart..she loves to read and loves to go to the beach, loves horses..begs to have a horse almost every day..its not possible we don’t have enough land yet. and loves to swim..she taught her self how to swim.  She loves art too..she was in the art club last year.and I just got a letter the other day telling me that they had chosen her art to be displayed in the Spartanburg Arts we are going to go and see it on Monday..and she just told me that she thinks that they also chose a piece to be displayed at the District One office. She is a great singer and is on the honors choir at school..(which she is going to have to perform) She don’t like to get in front of people..kind of shy like that..she wont do the talent show at school bc she don’t want to get up there in front of everyone and play piano..but she will do it at her recitals..she makes no sense..She wont do any sports what so ever bc she doesn’t want any body watching her. She is very helpful around the house. She can cook supper..and she loves to bake..she has pretty much taken over the baking in our house..I hardly do any bc she wants to do it all the time. we have had our failed attempts but at least she is learning..right?? She is good at it too..she knows what she wants and just goes with it.. She does all of it all by herself help from me..But she can also just get bored and start picking..and she wont stop..she will pick on all of the girls..One thing is for sure though…She loves her sisters..and she loves Avery.


Becky said...

What Ana amazing girl you have! Happy birthday to her! You have such a beautiful family! :)

Jenny said...

Oh my goodness you did look so young in that picture!! I was 19 when I had my first as well...Funny how back then I thought I was sooo grown up, and now looking back on pictures I am horrified to see how not grown up I looked! haha

Happy Birthday to your little girl :)

Laura said...

Happy birthday!!!!!