Friday, October 19, 2012

31 for 21: Day 19 The UPside of Down

Make a difference: National Down Syndrome Awareness Month
“I am AWARE! If you are a parent of a child with Down syndrome, you are AWARE, too! Now we need to make everyone else AWARE of what having a child with Down syndrome is really like. Join my tribe of families who have gone beyond just surviving a diagnosis of Down syndrome to thriving - become a THRIVALIST™! We are on a mission help new parents who might feel sad, alone, or uncertain. We want to educate the medical community on how to give the diagnosis and help new families. We want to remove any limitations placed on our children. And we want to eliminate the myths and negativity of Down syndrome in our society.
Join me, Dr. Julia Kinder, in showing the UPside of Down™!
I came across Julia awhile ago…She is a mom who has a child with ds but she is also a doctor who is on a mission. She wants to educate the physicians and medical students that are in school to be doctors. She has set up a petition. This petition is aimed at the medical community and requests more training on Down Syndrome for medical students and medical staff. As we know best, having a child with Down syndrome is often a very frightening experience, but it doesn't need to be this way. Things can change if we pull together and tell the medical community the time has come.
She asked for photos to use to hopefully update the medical books that doctors to be are studying..bc we all know all of the outdated pictures and also the outdated information. So  I sent in a picture of Avery..She is in the video…She is also running a photo contest to all of my DS friends!!!


Jenny said...

Great video! I remember being handed all the Ds info packets in the Hospital. I never even opened them...I could not get past the black and white photos taken of kids 20 years ago. The front of the booklet just looked so depressing and bleak I never bothered to open it. What a difference current, up to date pictures in COLOR, would have made for me.

Laura said...

I've visited Julia Kinder's blog a few times. I think she'll make a big difference spreading the word in the medical community that Ds is okay!