Friday, October 12, 2012

31 for 21: Day 12 Eye Patch

Well hello patch!!!!  Looky at what we have to start wearing now..Avery has to patch her good eye for an hour everyday for three months.
Why you ask???  Her left eye has been turning in for quite some time now and I finally got the eye dr to do something. I have noticed it getting worse and not any better. Her vision seems to be right in the middle and good so he don’t feel like she needs glasses. He said he was surprised that she wasn’t either farsighted or nearsighted bc most times you see that with the eye turning in. While patching the good eye and not letting any light in it is suppose to strength the bad eye and force it use it and send some signal to the brain that she needs to use that eye..
We will go back in three months and check it again and see if it has helped any. He did mention an eye muscle surgery that might need to be done…I don’t want any more surgeries…I am sooo done with surgeries…Can she just get a break..please!!!!!!!!!! Praying that this will help and we can stay clear of any more surgeries!!!!


Anna said...

Thank you for stopping by for a visit! (And for leaving a sweet comment!) I love her patch! Our pharmacy had only boy ones. So they have fire trucks aliens etc on them. I didn't think it mattered - the most important thing was to have her patched. Now I have patch envy! Haha! I will share the weirdest part, we are actually patching the eye that wanders the most! When I take photos the right eye is rarely looking in the same place as her left n they want us to patch the right. I asked the Dr several times if she was sure and laughed that I was glad she said something because I assumed we were all talking about the right eye when we were discussing the weaker eye.

Laura said...

I will be praying that she doesn't have to have surgery! My niece also wears a patch and I've been impressed with how stylish they are!

Jenny said...

I hope the patch helps and she won'y need the surgery...She does look awfully cute in that eye patch :)

Anna Theurer said...

Please tell Miss Avery that she is rocking that eye patch! I hope that it works :)