Monday, October 8, 2012

31 for 21: Day 8 Sandal Gap toe


Sandal Gap Toe.         One of the “soft markers” that Avery has.

What is a sandal gap toe? It is a dislocation of the big toe, therefore creating a large distance between the 1st and 2nd toes. The space also dips lower into the foot than 'usual'. It is often referred to as a "soft marker" on the ultrasound. It did not show up on Avery’s ultrasound. It can also occur in the general population too.  It is suppose to be a common trait among people with Down syndrome but really only 45% of individuals with Down syndrome have a sandal gap.
We happen to love it…its pretty cute….and see how her next toe in line curves out a little too…Anyways I have always loved to play with Avery’s feet when she was little and I would rub my fingers in between that sandal gap toe of hers.
Does your child who happens to have that extra special gene have a sandal gap toe???


lovemy3 said...

Hailed does not have one on either foot, but my sister-in-law does (non DS).

Anna Theurer said...

Love the sandal gap! Ellie has it :-)

Jenny said...

When Russell was a baby I didn't really notice it...As he got older and was standing, I could see it. One of the cute little features about him I love :)

Chromosomally Enhanced said...

Love love love the feet of my Maddie! I think sandal gap makes it sound like a perfect day! Smiles

Laura said...

I don't know if Ben has this trait. Nonetheless, I am obsessed with baby feet. I'm always kissing Ben's and even Colin's!