Monday, October 15, 2012

31 for 21: Day 15 Buddy Walk

Last Saturday we had our Buddy Walk…It turned out to be a really nice day..A day to CELEBRATE Avery and all the other special buddies. A day where friends and family come and show there support. A day to raise awareness to everyone. A day to just come together and have fun and not have to worry about anything! A day to show everyone that they are really more alike then different. It really is an important day for us. Warning: Lots of pictures!!!!


This year was the first year that we have had family come except for the very first year we did it..and Avery was soooo excited to see them…They all had so much fun too..My SIL told me that her kids talked about it for days after..


Avery went to school with this adorable girl last year…She was excited to see her again tooSmile 


We had a guy there making balloon animals/hats…it ended up being to hot to wear them though..


and the chick-fil-a cow came;)


There was a church group that volunteered there time and set up table was finger painting.


Another table was making a door sign..


another one was getting buddy walk tattoos


and another one was making the pin that Destiny is wearing..It says I love Jesus!


and of course Ronald McDonald was there too


There were clowns too but Avery was not really impressed with them,….can you tell?? lol!!


the firemen came and let the kids in the fire trucks and passed out fire hats…and then they had to turn on the siren and my babies were done with that…they took off running and screaming..The police also had a table set up where you could go and get your kids fingerprinted for free…


This year they asked Avery to sing the National Anthem with another we practiced all week and she kind of knew it…but then the girl she was supposed to sing it with was sick and so she wasn’t there so they just asked if some of the other older kids knew it and four other ones came up and sing and kind of took over and so she didn’t really sing then..but at the end she did…but she didn’t have a microphone so you couldn’t hear her..



All lined up ready to walk!!!!!!


The girl in the red pants off to the right..she was the oldest buddy there…46..amazing she def don’t look like she is 46!!!



Avery’s teacher came out and walked with us too..Avery was happy to see her!! Thank you for coming out and supporting meant the world to us!!


Look at that line…and all them people..that is awesome!!!! Everyone that came out to support all the special buddies on there special day!!!! Amazing!!!


Along the walk they had posters set up….we were asked to send in a picture and one sentence..This was the first year they did that..and I really enjoyed that..hope they do it again next year!!



All the special buddies!!!!!!



getting her goodies!!!:)



Just relaxin at our camp that we set up…my sil and my adorable niece:)




We should of attempted a picture of all the kids in the beginning bc at the end ..they were was kind of hot…can you tell????


Releasing the balloon arch..they also had a balloon release for all the special buddies in heaven waiting for us..






We had a great day at the Spartanburg Buddy Walk…even though it could have been a little cooler..Avery was a little stinky when we got home from the sweat inside of her cast…I wish more of our friends and family from SD would of been able to be there with us...i know we would have a BIG army..:) Sometimes it just stinks to live so far away:( But a Big thanks to my SIL that came out and walked and just spent the day with us.....I/Avery really appreciate it!!!! It was nice to have some family there this year:)


Jenny said...

Avery's Army...Love it! Great pictures in here, looks like it was a fantastic day :)

Laura said...

Go Avery's Army!!!!