Monday, October 24, 2011

31 for 21: Day 24 Our Buddy Walk

Warning this is a high picture post!!!  I have a lot of pictures that I want to share…:)
Oct 15th was our buddy walk here..We walked to share the joy that our children bring to our lives!!
The clowns were great and Avery loved them!!!
She was really fascinated by there face paint and there noses…she just had to touch it!!!LOL!! The clowns did face painting and made shaped balloons for the kids!!
We had Ronald McDonald at the walk!!! Avery trying to figure out what is on his face too…haha!
There were games there…jump houses {but didn’t get any pictures bc Avery couldn’t go jump in them until she goes to the dr…which is actually thursday}
Sadly we all couldn’t be at the Buddy Walk this year…The twins had terrible colds and were just plain miserable and CRANKY so Jared stayed home with them so they could get some sleep!!!
We all walked to celebrate the fact that every child is amazing and a BLESSING from GOD!!!!
There was a great turnout for the walk..and the weather was absolutely beautiful!! 
All the special buddies!!!
Avery did an AWESOME job raising money for the buddy walk and THANK YOU, THANK YOU to everyone who donated to the buddy walk for Avery!! She raised around $1300!!  WOW!!!  That is incredible!!  She got third place for raising the most money so she got a trophy and award!!
At the end there was a balloon release of the balloon arch with notes, stuffed animals, etc. tied on to our circle of balloons. As they went up the formed a ♥ for a few seconds and then one end of it came undone and it formed a Buddy Walk Ribbon for a few seconds.
I didn’t get the heart picture but this was right before it…
Down Syndrome Awareness Ribbon…
DSC_0568 copyDSC_0569
I am so happy that Avery is ours!!!!  and the joy that she has brought to our lives!!
Thank you everyone who either donated or came out and walked with us!!!  This is a VERY special day for Avery and all of us!!!
thank you card


Pam said...

Looks like a fun day. I love the first picture of Avery with the clown...too sweet!

Shannon said...

your walk looked awesome! Avery looks like she is having the time of her life in every picture :)

Shannon said...

:) I overlooked that you had twins! Yes, my boys are fraternal too, but no one can tell them apart except those that are around them all the time. I keep Breiden in Blue and Gavin and Green for our friends to easily tell them apart. Your girls really do look a lot alike. When people argue with me that my boys are identical, I remind them that the Olsen twins are fraternal. Looking forward to keeping up with your girls :)

Priscilla said...

That looks so neat! I wanna come next year! Where do they have it?

Kristi said...

They had it at the SC School for the deaf and blind