Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 for 21: Day 27

Isn't she cute???!!  She loves to get my hat and wear it..and she wont let anyone touch it once she gets it on..the babies try to take it off and she says “NO baby!!” 
As you can see in the pictures we have been dealing with a bacteria rash all over her face..We get an antibiotic and then when it is gone it comes back..this is the third time we have come back…and the third time on an antibiotic..but this last time we got a cream too and we are washing her face once a day with hebacleanse..and we also switched out everything that we could on her sleep machine bc we were thinking it might be coming from her sleep mask…
She also has a Curious George shirt on too..She LOVES Curious George..She was soooo happy when I found it for her at Old Navy at the beginning of the school year.. Whenever this shirt is clean and she has the choice of what to wear it is always this shirt..she will look at the books all day long and she loves when she gets to watch him too!! 

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