Thursday, October 27, 2011

31 for 21: Day 28 Dr updates

This month has been crazy with dr appointments bc once again its that time again to go see the dr.s for updates mostly….
Sleep Check up: First up is her sleep dr and her sleep apnea…How is she doing?? The most common question I get from everyone…well we went for a check in basically and she is getting smarter and apparently she is taking it off pretty much right after we put her to bed..her I thought she was getting better and leaving it on longer each night but I guess she had me fooled!!!;) We did get a new mask that we are going to try..that is one of our biggest battles is finding the correct mask that fits her correctly..I don’t know if we will ever get there where she will leave it on all night but we will keep trying…usually when I go to bed I put her mask back on just to make me feel like im trying:)  DSC_0657
ENT check up: She has not had one ear infection since we had tubes put it in..the best thing we could of done..and it has been over three years and they are just now falling out!! One of her tubes fell out on her own and the other one was stuck in her ear canal so the dr just pulled it out.She didn’t even flinch...I couldn’t believe how tiny it was..they are smaller then a pea.. HE said that we just need to come back on a as needed basis…wooohoo!!!  Hopefully we don’t have ear infections again though since the tubes aren't in there..but he did say that her ear canals are bigger then what they were so that’s good…
Dentist check up: Everything was great!!!  That is always good:)
Eye Check up: He still doesn’t want to do anything about her one eye yet…which makes me a little uneasy but I guess we just wait bc everyone tells me that he is good and knows what he is doing and he is the only pediatric eye dr in the concerns are that her one eye wanders in and I am seeing it a lot more..just not when she is tired anymore..she also tips her head side ways…ill just keep watching it…
Her neck: We were suppose to go to the neurosurgeon today but he had to have surgery so we will be going on the tenth of November..
Special Needs Dr/nutritionist: She is doing great…she really watches her weight and to keep her in check so she don’t get to heavy!! Everything she eats gets put under the microscope!!! Which in the end is good!! She also said that we can let her drink from an open cup without having to redo a swallow study bc I don’t hear her coughing when she drinks..she mainly drinks from a straw but she does do an open cup now and no more sippy cup!!! 
One other thing we are checking out is that she has a weird little bump next to her spine on her lower back..I don’t think it is anything major according to the one dr but she said that we need to go to her regular dr and then he can order back x-rays so we can just make sure…so I am waiting for the dr to call me this morning..we will see …let you all know when I know what it is!!!  At first I thought it was just a bruise but it has been there for months now and it seems like it is getting bigger.
Well that pretty much sums it all up…ha!! 


Pam said...

We are getting ready to do all the Dr. appointments in November. Since we have to travel to see the doctors we usually see two in one day. Believe Ally will see her heart doctor, eye doctor, endocrinologist and ENT. Hope all goes well with Avery's appointment with the neurosurgeon and that the place on her back is nothing serious. I will keep her in my prayers :)

Anna Theurer said...

I'm with miss Avery--I would be yanking that BiPAP off of my face too! Hoping all goes well with her remaining doctors' appointments and that the lump on her back is nothing serious.