Sunday, October 30, 2011

31 for 21: Day 30 Pumpkin Patch

We thought it would be fun to go and try to find a pumpkin patch this year…but my oh my I think I will stick to buying them at Wal-Mart..{so much cheaper and you get a bigger pumpkin}  but here are some pictures from there…
We went on a hayride…{ it was pretty disappointing to me bc I had just went on a field trip with Avery and went on a hayride there and it was so much better..but the girls all thought it was fun so I guess that’s alright then…;)}
It was a rescue farm so It was kind of neat listening to how they got there animals..Apparently this are misfit donkeys…they kind of look like regular donkeys to me
A wild pig that they have rescued..The pig comes over to him and lays down and then they rub his back with a rake..haha!!  Avery was pretty impressed with the pig though..she liked her and as we were  Avery says bye bye pig
If u were brave enough you could have the lama smell your hair or your breath…Ya none of us were brave enough…ha!
Bounce Rodeo…lol
I just need to add that these things are so ridiculously dumb!!!  You cant even move on them..I got on with Avery and we only hopped one little step…
Hay Bale maze…not impressed at all…but the babies liked it…lol
Rock maze
Riding the horse..yeeehaw!!!  Go dolly!!;)
THe girls with there perfect pumpkins that they picked out…Avery already had one from her field trip and I wasn’t buying any for the babies…too cheap I guess.. bc they were soooo expensive there!!!
Next time we will try out a different place!!! 

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