Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 for 21: Day 4 Sisters

Avery spotted the older girls doing melty beads and she wanted to do them too…I figured it would be good OT skills for her…that’s me always thinking therapy wise for her…ha! She was trying so hard to get them little beads the right way on the peg board.
Avery kept tapping Brielle and saying “beow help” It was so cute
and Brielle would say…"Just wait Dolly..and she would sit there and wait patiently until Brielle would help her..
“Avery I am pretty much doing your flower for you..You are suppose to be doing it…” DSC_0236
Brielle giving Avery her flower after I melted the beads together..
She loved it!!!! and I love how my older girls are with her…yes at times they do get impatient with her {mostly my oldest} They love her and adore her so much..Just a little story..I was getting all of my Buddy Walk donation stuff together to mail off for Avery and Destiny comes in and says "Mom I would like to give something for Avery but I only have 5 dollars can I give that???" and Brielle runs upstairs and says that she would like to donate something for Avery too and all i can hear is her counting her coins..and I am thinking what is she going to come down with bc she spent all her money last weekend..she came down with her precious $1 gold coin that Jared gave her a long time ago..she has held on to it for awhile..Aahhhh...it made my heart melt…but we decided that it would be ok to wait until the end of the week so she could donate her allowance money instead.


Michelle said...

That is so sweet! Avery is blessed to have such sweet siblings!

Debbie said...

love it- we here a lot of 'elp peeease' coming from Kolby. I thought of doing the 31 for 21 challenge but knew I'd get too lazy :)