Monday, October 31, 2011

31 for 21: Day 31 Happy Halloween

I have survived blogging for 31 days! Wow didn’t think I could do it. I blogged every day bc it was Down Syndrome awareness month. And this super cute girl is why. To raise awareness for my super cute daughter and all the other super cute individuals that happen to be blessed with down syndrome too!!
There were some posts that were all about Down Syndrome and then a lot of them that were not bc down syndrome is only a small part of us and we don’t focus on it on a daily basis. 
We enjoyed a quite Sunday at home carving pumpkins and spending time together. I always enjoy carving pumpkins with the girls.  We also made up some spider suckers for the girls classes…the girls really enjoyed making them..
First we must clean them out. The fun part putting your hands in the ooey gooey mush!!! Destiny had to help Avery put her hand in that mush. She didn’t want to at first.
Ooh whats all this????
Can u tell which one doesn’t like to get her hands in the mush??? {hint: the one with the spoon} She started of with plastic bags over her hands while she was holding onto the spoon but realized that wasn’t working so she took them off!
Pure Joy!!!
Destiny with Jayla making her put her hand in the pumpkin too!!! She didn’t mind it to much.
Brielle helping Jianna put her hand in the pumpkin. She hated it and she started to scream.
This year we found our patterns online and after they picked out which one that they wanted to carve we printed it off and taped it on there pumpkins so they can poke it on there on pumpkins.
Jared working on Avery’s pumpkin. We found a Curious George template on line so  of course I had to print it off and use it..good thing I wasn’t carving it bc I would of threw in the towel right away. It was kind of a process and took all day pretty much!! 
Half way done!!!!
She likes her pumpkin so far!!!!:)
We kind of just watched and took pictures after we did the messy part!!! ha! {here is actually a good picture of her  right eye if u are looking at the picture turning in like I was talking about in a different post
Carving them out.
Happy Halloween Everyone!!! Hope you all have a safe fun Halloween. 
Come back in a couple of days to see pictures of Mary Poppins, a beautiful bride, a cute kitty, and thing 1 and thing 2 {from Dr. Seuss}

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CM said...

Wow, your finished pumpkins are impressive...your girls should be very proud!