Friday, October 7, 2011

31 for 21: Day 7 School Update on Avery

I had a home visit with Averys teacher the other day. It really couldn’t of gone any better. She asked if I was ok to increase her time for another hour. So she will go until 1130 now and eat lunch with the other kids…she is will be so happy to do that…she was getting mad before bc she was having to leave when the other kids were going to go and eat. and then after they eat she will go back to the classroom and the other kids will take a nap then but since she is coming home and takes a nap in the afternoon here she wont be doing nap time but her teacher will work one on one with her. The teacher also gave me a cd of the songs they sing in class bc I will catch Avery singing away and doing actions to the songs she is singing but I have no idea what she is singing so maybe this will help.. You should of seen the first time I played that cd for her..her eyes lit up like a little girl on Christmas morning..She started singing away. I have been trying to get her taped but every time I pull out my phone to record her she says “cheese” and stops singing!!!!
I also asked her teacher how the other kids are with her bc of course that is my concern. She said that the other kids couldn’t be any better with her..they all love her and try to help her even when she doesn’t want there help….they all ask for her in the afternoon..they get mad that she has to go home so early.
Avery can already recognize her name..They do flash cards with everyone's name on each flash card and they go through them with the kids every morning..and the kids all sit on the carpet and when the teacher gets to there name without saying it the kid is suppose to raise there hand when it is there name..So up until last week whenever they got to Avery’s name the other kids would poke her so she would raise her hand..but last week she raised her hand all by herself when they got to her name..her teacher was so shocked that she knew it. I am so proud of her..Go Avery!!
Here is Avery with her teacher and the teacher assistant…
Avery with her resource teacher..and a picture of Avery's artwork in the hallway!!!!

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