Monday, August 9, 2010

Avery and Kamalee

While we were in South Dakota I got to see Kamalee..(many of you know her but for those of you that don’t..she is Jared’s cousins little girl)  She is such a cutie!!..Barb brought her over to Joyce’s so Avery and Kamalee could play for a little bit:)) While Amy tried to take a nap bc she was sick in bed..Sorry we didn't get to see you Amy…next time:))    BTW it was extremely hard to get there picture together..they were both on the move!!!!  

Kami loved this little snake at first:))  
But it didn't last very long…can you tell she isn't really fond of the snake..she ended up throwing that thing pretty fast after I snapped this picture!!!
Avery and Kamalee!!!  (Destiny noticed right away that they look alike..she says “Mom, ah she is so cute and she looks like Avery…So does that mean she has down syndrome too??”  Yes..  Oh ok..and off she went)


couture unraveled said...

Cuties!! Too bad they don't live closer!! They could have so much fun together!!

Amy said...

AW!!! I wish I could have come down and seen all of you! Cute pics though...funny of Destiny to notice that they look alike. Some people still can't tell that.