Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Day at the Park in SD!!

The twins had there first swing ride together in South Dakota:))   Is that not the cutest thing ever??!!  Makes me just smile looking at the pictures and thankful that God chose me to have twins!!! I know the first few months were really rough and and made me wondering why did I have to have twins…and I'm sure it isn't going to get any easier but I am truly blessed to have twins and am really starting to enjoy them!!! I wouldn't have my life any other way…Especially this all girl world!!


They absolutely loved it!!  There will be more swing rides in the future for sure:))
This little stinker watched her sisters climb up the slide so she did it too.. It took everything in me not to grap her off but I was proud of her and myself for climbing up the slide all the way:))  What a little monkey!!!
DSC_3754  DSC_3746
This picture kind of cracks me up a little..if you look really close you will notice that her eyes are so red.. That just shows how much sleep you get when you are on vacation..right???:)
Doesn't she look like her daddy???:)))
DSC_3758 DSC_3760
Brielle is so funny..she wants to do the monkey bars so bad but she will only do one bar and starts to question herself and gets kind of scared and then usually ends up screaming “MOM!!!”  Pretty soon I think she will cross them all the way..and then there is Destiny who has no fear at all…
DSC_3756 DSC_3742

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Kat said...

Love all those chunky baby legs hanging from the swing! Oh I miss those chunky lil baby legs!