Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School

Today was the first day back to school for us..overall everything went pretty smooth…I was really impressed..Sometimes getting up that early again can be was probably more rough on me then them..hehe!!! 
Destiny was all excited to go back to school..She will be starting third grade this is it even possible that she is in third grade already..where does the time go???  Time….please stand still for awhile!! thanks..:))   She was so happy she got the teacher that she wanted..and is ready to dig right in to learn about south carolina..that is the focus in third grade!! 
Brielle well she is another story…She is going to be starting first grade. She wasnt so happy about the teacher she got..but you see a friend told her some horror stories about her teacher so she was not ready to go back to school..she was kind of nervous..She knew the first day was going to be fun..but then she said she was not ready to take tests..She tends to be my more nervous girl though..So when we got to school she did shed a few tears once we got to her classroom but i just stayed a little longer and she seemed to warm up a little!!  It helped that they put her desk next so someone that was in her class from last year..I think she will do great..
DSC_5026 DSC_5027

DSC_5028 DSC_5030

You can all be done reading now if you would like but I really just need to ramble awhile now..I have been having alot of struggles lately with decisions regarding Avery and if anyone out there is farther along the road and has some insight that they would like to share please feel free..I will take any advice that I can get… What's going on you ask??? Well Avery is three now so alot of people put them in school at three..That is awfully young to me..She is still my baby and I would like her home with me still…but I don't want to hinder her..She would go to a special needs preschool at the elementary school and she would go everyday all morning..I wish it was just like three times a week..but its not ..its everyday and that is where my problem is..i don't want it to be to much for her either!!! She will be going to a classroom with teachers that know how to teach her and she will be learning so much so it would be good for her.She would get her therapies there to along with teaching her self help skills.but is it really necessary right now???!!  That is my question i guess????  Anyone????? Does she need the extra year of school to be ready for kindergarten??  Or would she be just fine going next year only???  I dont know..Why does life have to be so hard..and so many decisions to make!!!  urgh!!!!


Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

We have not hit the "developmental preschool" age with whitney yet (she turns two next week) but i think i have heard, at least here (IN) that you can choose to send them fewer days to the dev. preschool - it is offered 4 mornings here but I think you can choose less (not positive... we will find out in about a year) - maybe you could talk with someone in the school system about your feelings/reservations and see if she could have a modified schedule for this year??? good luck!

Kat said...

Madison just turned 2 last month so we are behind you as well but since her birthday her therapists have been talking about her entering school at age 3 and to be honest I'm terrified! I can't imagine my baby going to school by herself. I asked if the class allows parent participation but she wasn't sure and said when I go to tour the school in a couple of months I could ask the teachers.
I have heard a little about difficulties with the schools not cooperating with parents ( I'm the President of our local DS Foundation, don't ask me how I got myself into that!) I have had some parents call me with concern and I refer them to the attorney who works for our Regional Center, they are who set up all the therapists. The Regional Center has its own department and attorney that advise parents of all their rights and different ways of handling situations with the school i.e. having her attend fewer days.If your center offers that its worth a shot to ask! I hope everything turns out well!