Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wild Water West

While we were in South Dakota we went to Wild Water West with Michelle..It was so much fun….we all had a blast!!!  We thought we were going to get rained out but later the sun decided to come back out for awhile..These pictures were all taken with my waterproof point and shoot which isn't the best thing but it does a pretty good job..there are some that are dark but at times it was pretty dark out.

Avery loved this little whale water slide…but she would make this face EVERYTIME she went down…it was so cute and funny. She would squint up her eyes and her whole face..and right away when she was done she was signing more and walking over to climb right back up and do it all over again...
Here is her face that she would do..haha!!!
The girls loved all the little waterslides too!!!!
DSCF1180 DSCF1183
We took Avery down the big waterslide which she LOVED!!!  She would get done and sign more so we would go again:))
Avery pretty much loved everyone!! lol!!! This little orange one that I took her one was pretty cold can you tell by our faces..haha!!!
Destiny is plugging her nose way before the end..haha!! 
The wave pool which all the girls clung to Michelle…I'm not a fan of the wave pool!!!
Aw the bumper boats..We had so much fun on these!!  If you didnt have to stand in line so long we probably would of kept doing them…
Avery got the hang of driving and squirting people right away..she wanted to do it then..

DSCF1196 DSCF1206
Getting ready to go on the Lazy River…
Michelle and Destiny just chillin on the lazy river!!


Brielle thought it was pretty cold there..can you tell..hehe!! but actually it did get pretty cold once the sun went down..
DSCF1249 DSCF1242
When you are done you are just done..she just pretty much passed out while I was holding her..She was done!!!


Anonymous said...

That looks fun! Where is it-in Watertown?

Kristi said...

Its in Sioux Falls..It was a blast!! You pay one price and it includes everything includeing the bumper poats and go carts...which i was surprised by..

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

your girls are beautiful!!! your water park trip in S.D. looks like such a great time!!! how fun :)

Michelle said...

i want to go again!!!! :)

Amy said...

Looks like a blast. My gosh Avery is getting so big!