Friday, August 6, 2010

Pictures Along the way!!!

Here are a few pictures while we were driving to South Dakota and some while we were driving home… First this is what I looked like while we were people behind us..Jared would slow way down then speed up just to get some pictures…haha!!!
The St. Louis Arch
                                                                                                      In front of the Mississippi River
DSC_3681 DSC_4589
Avery in the Mississippi River..she was ready to dive right!!!
We got off on an exit in Indianapolis, Indiana and it happen to be the main one that brings you into downtown..which was really neat but I just wish what some of the stuff was that I was taking pictures like was in the center of this circle and people were sitting on the steps of it and there was a really cool water foundtain (if you see the blue on the right hand side of the picture) but anyways anyone want to help me out???? 
DSC_4639 DSC_4640
Closer picture of the water foundation and of that big ole statue…

You will not believe this..well maybe you will but I couldn't..hehe!!  There were horse drawn buggies and you could go for a little ride around this circle drive…it was sooo neat and would of been so romantic..aaahhh squish!!!  if the kids weren't with I would of def did it in a sec..but I didn't really want to get out with all the kids and deal with all the people and traffic…so we drove in the circle a couple of times so I could get some pictures..:P
City Life!!!  (I was trying to take a picture of all the bikes lined up bc there were a TON of them…but Jared was going to
 Indiana WW Memorial                                                     Scottish Rite Cathedral..very neat!!!
DSC_4651 DSC_4654

Tudor-Gothic style cathedral, judged during its early days as one of the world's most beautiful buildings. Gothic tower rises 212 feet and contains a 54-bell carillon. (photo curtesy of the internet)

Dominating the five-block picturesque setting of War Memorial Plaza in downtown Indianapolis is the Indiana World War Memorial. Sitting 210 feet above street level, this mausoleum-style limestone and marble memorial pays homage to Hoosiers killed during World Wars I and II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Designed in 1926 by architects Frank R. Walker and Harry E. Weeks, this massive memorial was not fully completed until 1965. The structure?s exterior includes multiple standing figures (created by Henry Hering), that symbolize Courage, Memory, Peace, Victory, Liberty and Patriotism.
The Shrine Room, with 24 stained glass windows, is a magnificent architectural setting for the 17-by-30 foot American flag that is suspended from the center of the room. The main floor houses exhibit space, administrative offices, meeting rooms and the Pershing Auditorium. Also on this level is a listing of the names of all Hoosiers who participated in World War I and all Hoosiers who were killed or are MIA from World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
A military museum in the basement allows visitors to follow the history of Indiana soldiers from the Battle of Tippecanoe through the most recent conflicts. (photo curtesy of the internet) I just thought it would be neat to see what we were really seeing so I looked them up :D

Good-bye Indianapolis!!!!  It was fun sight seeing you:)) 
The Great American Ball Park..Cinncinatti

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