Monday, August 9, 2010

A Day at the Zoo

Here are a few ALOT of pictures from our trip to the zoo in South Dakota!!!  My friend Danelle drove up for the day to spend some time with us and we all had such a great day and it was fun to spend some time with her and her kiddos!! 
Avery loved this bird..she also loved to torment it through the glass..She would walk back and forth and the bird would follow her and she just giggled..hehe!!!  and She even liked to pet it..This was her kind of petting..Petting the glass!!:)
Ahh the penguins..we got to see them feed the penguins and then they brought one outside there cage so all the kids could pet one..and then the penguin pooped on the keeper..quite disgusting and made me glad that  I didn't have that job…lol!!!
DSC_4111 DSC_4179
OK Mom I touched it so you can get a picture..are you happy??  Yeap thanks Brielle!!!:)) She wasn't that interested in the penguin…can you tell??? lol!!!
This monkey was sleeping while he rested his mouth on his cage..too funny!!  A white tiger that was actually moving around..Usually in the zoos down here every time we go its so HOT that no animal is moving so its pretty much boring and a waste of time!!! 
DSC_4112  DSC_4121
Usually every time we have gone to the zoo I have never seen the bears move in my life…even as a kid so I was all excited to actually see them move and play around..
DSC_4132  DSC_4134
Girls I hope you spread your wings and fly!!!!! 
Doesn't she make a cute little birdie!!!:))
Cute face Dawson:)))
Ahh the poor chicken!!!!  Dawson and Avery had sooo much fun chasing the chicken around..not sure the chicken liked it though:))
Turned out into a full!!
Kassie, Destiny, Brielle, and Avery…

We had to drag Avery off of the horses!!!  She had so much fun riding them around and around and around!!
When we were done with the zoo we went to the park and played in the park and ordered empire pizza and had a picnic in the park…I still cant believe it was Danelle’s first time having Empire..It was as good as I remembered..yummm!!!
Thanks Danelle for the fun day!!  We had so much fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks kristi- we had such a great time also! So glad we were able to meet up n have such an awesome day!!! The zoo, the pictures, the picnic n the pizza!!! Only the 2nd time i have been to the zoo in all the times i have been to wtn, n the 1st time ever for empire pizza~ THANKS AGAIN WESTS- LOVE N MISS U ALL!! can hardly wait to c u guys again!!!

couture unraveled said...

Looks Like FUN!!! We went to the zoo when we were there a couple years ago!! Kids thought it was great!