Friday, August 6, 2010

Bruce and Erica’s Wedding

Hey..I know its been awhile since I have posted anything..We have been on vacation as most of you know to South Dakota..So I plan on having a series of posts from our vacation soon..I promise..I have been trying to get caught back up since we have gotten back..Our pool turned GREEN..urgh!!  and then washing clothes all that fun stuff you have to do when u get back..It almost always seems like you need a vacation from your vacation right:))  But anyways I did get pictures done from Bruce and Erica’s wedding so this is my first post in the series then:))   it is a little picture heavy just to warn you:))  ((I know that some of you will see these on facebook too but I have to put them over here too bc there is alot of you not on facebook:))
The Happy Couple!!!
DSC_4435 copy
The West Family:)) Can u see any of!!!! 
DSC_4447 cpoy
Zoom in to see us all:))
DSC_4449 copy
The other side of the family:))
DSC_4450 copy
All of the kids!!!
DSC_4459 copy
Our attempt at a family picture…haha!!! This was the best one…
 DSC_4473 copy
The lovely looking parents!!! (my in-laws)
DSC_4487 copy DSC_4489 copy
an attempt at getting a good picture of the girls..but this was the best one..haha!!
DSC_4493 copy
At least a few good ones of Me and Jared..Its been forever sine we have had our picture together…:0
DSC_4502 copyDSC_4500 copy
Just some during the ceremony!!!
DSC_4534 copy
DSC_4544 copy
DSC_4541 copy
DSC_4535 copy DSC_4548 copy


Kat said...

You have a gorgeous family!!!

The Whispering Creek House said...

wow wish i could have been there! thanks for sharing your photos! love them!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kristi those picts are great !! I still miss seeing all of you & being there so I really appreciate the pictures Aunt Marilyn