Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Seven Months

I know I am super late on this post…but just to be honest I kind of forgot..I should be doing the eight month post..well not quite but next week you can look for that one:)) So I guess better late then never right:)
Someone told me that they are starting to look different..so what do you think??? Can you tell which one is which??:) I will give you a hint..the one on the left has the pointed ear..hehe:P 
DSC_5095 copy
L-Jayla, R-Jianna..where you right????!! 
Anyways just some things my babies are doing.. They are both sitting up really good..Jianna can get herself up to sitting from just laying on the ground but not Jayla yet.. Jianna started crawling two weeks ago..and Jayla just started creeping yesterday..Oh how the fun begins now!!:D  My poor,poor, plant is once again been tipped over a few times already..I have faith in it though bc it has survived many tip over from Avery when she started crawling too..I'm not one to completely go head over heels and totally baby proof my house my kids have all learned to just not touch or they experience with it a few times and move onto something else.Like my plant!!:D  Have I lost some things along the way…Sure but Im not sad over them so I guess it’s ok!!
They are both eating solids ALOT! Which helps cut down on the formula a little..which is a nice pocket saver too..I really can not wait until they are done with bottles..I m so sick of washing bottles and worrying if I have enough water on hand or formula..Whew I am going to scream YippEeee when the time comes!!!  They both hate peaches…Yes they both do..Its kind of weird but anyways they both get the willies from them..every bite pretty funny!!!
I am just at awe sometimes..Boy am I lucky to have twins..I love watching them cuddle all up to go to sleep..but Im wondering when will I separate them or will I separate them???  They really love sleeping together so much not sure..but there are times when I wonder is it safe..like Jayla was already sleeping and I put Jianna in the crib to go to sleep and obviously she didn't just go to sleep right away..she was playing around in there and all of a sudden I hear this screech and I knew it was Jayla and thought what in the world is going on..so i decided to go have a peeky…and Jianna was on top of Jayla and Jianna looked up at me and just started to giggle..little stinker!!!  So I removed her and Jayla went right back to sleep..she kind of just cried in her sleep..
School is in full swing now..We are over the first week..It is usually so tough to get back into the full swing of things..I'm not sure who its worse on the parents or the kids..(I think the parents..hehe) But Avery is enjoying the quietness I think and just playing with her babies!!!  She loves it when they come home from school though so she does miss them a lot too!! 
Jianna is in the pink(left.) and Jayla in on the right(dark pink)
Hmm..what does she have..haha!! They are so in tune to what the other has..
Then we see some of this..Yes they are fighting over toys already..and Jianna usually always win and Jayla usually ends up screaming..
Jianna..stop taking pictures mom..haha!!!
My messy girls..and I wanted to post a picture of my high chair so my mom could see it..The high chair on the left is one of them really old ones that your mom probably used anyways I had been wanting one and anyways I had got it with Avery but it really didn't work with her…so anyways I kept it and now it comes in handy bc I needed another high chair..so anyways I knew I needed to recover this and it was so easy it took maybe a half an hour..I wish i would of took a before picture but I didn't..just imagine the ugliest print from the seventy’s that you can imagine:))  and now you have a before picture in your head..right!!! I bought a vinyl tablecloth at Wal-Mart to put over the top of the fabric so I could easily just wipe it down.And let me tell you this they are so easy to clean..no crevices to try to clean in and so on..or having to worry about cleaning up under the high chair pad..They just dont make them like they used to...So there ya go a a stylish looking high chair…So what do you think do you like???  I LOVE it..cute and SUPER easy to clean and the best part too..it folds right up and takes up no room to store!!
I decided you needed a clearer picture of the high chair..DSC_5440


Kat said...

Your girls are TOO cute!!! I have the same idea with my girls and the house, I don't baby proof everything because they have to learn! And of course all my special things and breakables are in storage!

I have to share this with you..my husband,brother in law, and a girlfriend of mine have all done double takes when looking at pictures of Avery because they think Madison looks so much like her! I was wathcing a video of Avery and my husband came in the computer room and looked all confused because he thought it was of Madison but didn't recognize the background! I thought it was cute!

Sarah said...

Your babies a getting big!! I still can't tell them apart:)

Kristi said...

Kat that is too cute!!!:))

Michelle said...

Yeah, i agree... i can't tell them apart either!! They are getting big, wow! Where does the time go?!? Love the high chair! It is so funny to see the two side by side....big difference in size!

Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around said...

kristi - i couldn't find your email to reply to your comment - by the way, your girls are all so adorable and i LOVE your photography!!!
i wish i had made the dress that whitney was wearing on her birthday - it is a matilda jane dress. one of my friends sells matilda jane and i bought it at one of her "trunk shows". i LOVE all of the matilda jane dresses/clothes and wish i could make them myself! i have a friend who makes her own "matilda jane" knock off clothes and they are adorable, too!!!
hope you guys are having a good week so far! :)