Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 3

Her fever is down.Praise the Lord!
We moved to a different floor last night..we are not in the cardiac ICU unit anymore..we are in the regular ICU. I liked the other floor better..but we will adjust..the move was kind of hard on Avery..she was very tense the whole time and constantly looking for me and Jared.
We are leaving the epidural in for today. we are going to try to lower it a little. and get her to eat. we cant take the epidural out if she isn't eating. She cant get out of bed either with the epidural in. So she is stuck in bed the whole time. but she don’t seem to mind. We increased her epidural yesterday with all the cast movement so we are trying to get it back to where it was or even a little lower.
She has been really itchy…so they gave her something for that ….not Benadryl..apparently what they gave her is suppose to be way better with the medicines she is on. I think it is neudon..well that is how is sounded anyways…lol!! 
She keeps saying out…out mom..out mom..she wants to get out of her cast already…we are in for it..
I need a shower badly! Maybe it’s a good thing no one else is here that I know. I go days with no shower.
Our other main goal today…to get her to go poo…she has been getting Miralax for a couple of days now and I have been giving her her fruit-eze also but still nothing. She will sign potty and we will put her on the bed pan but she wont go..don’t blame her..I don’t think I could go on that also with one butt cheek on and the other in a cast..very uncomfortable. TMI..sorry!!
She was still on oxygen last night when she we need to get rid of that too..but she did sleep I almost threw the CPAP machine out the window. The stupid alarm on it is driving me crazy!
She is a little more awake and smiley today so far..she has been playing with the iPad  and that keeps her pretty entertained.. the nurse is going to call child life services bc they are the ones that bring her things to do.
What is up with keeping the room so cold??? it was really cold when I went to bed last night and so I kind of sneaked and turned the room up a little..just a little…and when I woke up I was in the artic I swear…they turned the slider all..ALL the way down…brrrrr…even the day nurse came in and said it was an artic in here..I said you are more then welcome to turn the room up and make it warmerSmile so know I feel like I am in a sauna…and it feels good for once…and it actually isn't even warm..its still below 70.  I slept with three blankets on last night.
So we might not have to get a car seat is still in process..we might get an ambulance to take us to the that way we don’t have to get a car seat but we have to make sure our insurance will cover it so we are looking into that..also they dropped off the wheelchair and they had to take it back with is way to big and it will not fit in the airplane. The thing is massive!!!!! so they are going to check and see if they can just deliver it to our house and also the commode too. The same company has a branch in SC too..but we just don’t know how we are going to get her to the airplane and also to and from other airplanes..I was thinking an umbrella stroller but I don’t know if she will fit in it…she might not even fit in one..but the social worker that is working with us said that if we do have to go the car seat route she will somehow get it  paid for..then we will just tack a taxi and ask for a mini van to pick us up and then take that to the airport..its all a work in process.
We got her hair finally brushed through..whoa that was a mess..a huge tangled knot mess in the back..but we tried this shampoo cap that has the shampoo right in the cap you are suppose to activate in the microwave for a few seconds and then put it on and it is suppose to shampoo and clean it all in one..and you don’t need water..well it was an epic fail…big instead the child life specialist brought us some detangler and we just sprayed it until her hair was soaking..we used about half the bottle but that’s ok..the nurse helped do one side while I did the other side..and then I braided it into two braids to keep it from doing that again.
She is def starting to be herself again..and it is so good to see. talking way more and communicating with us what she wants..she found the buttons on the bed that make it move and she has been giving herself a ride every now and again…silly girl…
Our nurses from the first couple of nights in the Cardiac ICU….Jamie and Melissa…they were great!!
Our new room…7south room 14…there is no bathrooms in the ICU rooms..whats up with that??? so everytime you have to go to the bathroom you have to leave the unit then get buzzed back in….
Check out her snarly hair..pretty cute..huh??
Playing on the iPad to by pass time…she is glad to have one hand free..she wont move the one hand that has the IV in the hand..
What a hoot!!!  This picture totally cracks me up…she was not impressed at all with the cap..can you tell??!!
The art specialist came by and helped her water paint a picture…we were in the middle of combing her can the big knot on top..what a mess..
So much better!!
Watching a little tv to by pass time too…
Here is the wheelchair that she will use..told ya it was massive
The dr finally showed me the xray yesterday..check this is crazy..good ole hardware store screws in her hip.
I left them watching Dora to go get some lunch for Jared and I yesterday..
and came back to find them like this..both sleeping..


Becky said...

Oh, loved reading and seeing how much better she is doing! Praise the Lord for sure! Okay, I geared up seeing her sleeping next to daddy...and their arms and hands entwined. So precious....

Each day closer to home...hang in there my friend.

Becky said...

I meant teared up not geared...that spellcheck thing is not always smarter than me but it thinks it is!