Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our First day home..

Boy is it great to be home..there’s no place like home..there’s no place like home..and especially to sleep in your own bed..awwww!!!  When we got home last night..the older girls were ecstatic to see us..the babies not so much..well they walked right by me and wouldn’t come to me but they did go to Jared right away…I guess they were mad at me..:( and they really didn’t warm up to me the rest of the night either.
After supper they had everyone over to celebrate Kevin’s birthday { he drove Greg’s car down here for him} and also a chance for everyone to say goodbye to Wesley and Joyce { my in laws..Jared's parents} they have been staying here since Brielle’s surgery..they bought a camper here and have been staying in that..but while we were gone they just stayed in the house with the kids….Such a blessing that they were able to that..but they left today to go back home to SD. Now that all of there grandkids are here except one we might see them more frequently though. One more brother and his family have decided to move down here from SD.
So today we were left with finding our new norm and getting back in to the routine of everything..It didn’t go so well…well there were good parts and there were bad parts too..I thought I would try to see how Avery would do without pain medicine or muscle spasm medicine…well it didn’t last very long and she was screaming owie…so then I felt bad for even trying..I guess just be on top of it until at least Tuesday..they told me two weeks after surgery for sure there would be pain….She just gets so giggly and loopy when she is on the one pain medicine..even my girls think its funny..they say..Is Avery on her laughing gas right now???  lol! She will just start laughing for no reason..u look at her she will laugh…you come near her..she will laugh..u talk to her..she will laugh…and almost everytime she will get me to laugh too..
My main goal was to get her cleaned up..she needed a really good hair washing and sponge to do that of course it is no easy task…{ I might go into some details about taking care of her in general in a spica cast..bc it might help someone else that is bout ready to go through a similar situation..and I seen that people were coming to my blog by searching spica cast..I know that is what I was doing before..doing all the research that I could..} we layed her down on the counter under towels and using the kitchen sink gave her a sponge bath..her hair…oh how her hair needed a really good washing..and conditioner was soo tangly..I would def make sure her hair was done in the middle with a pony on each side next time before surgery it would of eliminated a lot of the snarly bed head I think…
So Avery’s cast is removable where you can take the top off and give her a sponge bath under it too..
I have a sprayer on my sink that worked awesome to wash her hair….
DSC_0566 much better..all cleaned up..
Note to self..find lots of cute hairstyles that use pigtails..its easier to have it parted in the middle bc of the way she has to be on her head the whole time..reduces bed head..and snarls.
When I was giving her a bath I seen that she got pee on the cast..and I could smell it too..this is not a good thing..we have way to long to go with this cast..we cant have it getting smelly already..and I think it creeped up the back at night when she was sleeping. So I tried to blow dry it using a cool setting and we aired it out all day..kind of..and by tonight it wasn’t as I pulled out the duck tape..and taped all the way around the cast on the back around her bum..hoping that if its duck tape it cant absorb it..and also I had bought some big overnight poise pads so I put one of them in the diaper to help absorb some of the pee also at night..{we are using womens diapers..not sure if u can buy them at the store yet or not..the hospital gave me plenty to get by with..} At night is the only time we have a problem..bc she actually goes to the bathroom on the regular toilet very well..she just sits on the very back of it and then goes..and I just hold a wipe up in front of her to shield it back into the toilet..I tried my funnel again that I bought but she still wouldn’t go in it..stinker!! so this way works too..I also stuck a long maxi pad inside the cast along her back bum too..I wonder how everything will look in the morning..So do you want to hear what kind of conversations this opened up with my older girls..Destiny and her curiosity..its going to get the best of day..well lets just say that both my older girls now know about periods..and as Destiny puts it..not just a period at the end of a sentence or a period in math..a period…lol!
One other I was giving her a bath…I noticed a small bubble on her is filled with puss I believe…is this something I should be alarmed with??? what would cause it??? its about the size of a pea..I just put a bandaid over it for now..I also made sure I examined all of her skin for other sores coming from the cast and I didn’t see any..
So when I went to get the babies out of there cribs..Jianna threw a fit..she didn’t want me..she wanted Grandma..and they had already left..Jianna apparently doesn’t like change bc she had a lot of problems today..they kept walking around looking for grandpa and grandma in the beginning. Jianna threw a fit when she went to bed for a nap..she threw a fit when she woke up..she threw a fit when I took a shower..My babies did a switch one me..Jayla used to be the one that stuck right by mom and Jianna was the happy go lucky one..but they switched..Jayla is just fine going off to play..while Jianna likes to stay in your eye sight. Jianna likes to be covered up exactly a certain way. and if u mess it out. jayla always loved hanging out in the bathtub also..nope she wanted to be the first one usually dragging her out..I wonder what else we will notice about them that has changed..
The girls are having fun with all of her new stuff and did a good job keeping her entertained today…BUT I wonder how long that will last???? This next week they are off from school all week bc it is spring im not sure if that is a good thing yet or a bad thing…im thinking it is going to be a good thing for the most part..but today..I don’t know..Brielle wanted me to keep coming up with arts or crafts projects to do with her…she kept getting bored..I told her finally if she came to me one more time saying she was bored..I would put her to work..I felt a little overwhelmed..I had the babies needing me…Avery needing me and then Brielle wanted me to help her set up an activity..  I just got to keep telling myself one day at a time!  It was def a jammie day for the most part..and I don’t even want to share what we had for dogs…yummy.huh?? I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow..
I had gotten her this lap pillow thing a long time works great..she can use it as a hard table..and colored with Brielle today using it..and also uses it to prop stuff up on it..glad I picked it up..
But in the midst of it all..we did manage to squeeze in some fun time…My girls love picnics..they don’t care where ever..and I figured it would be a great thing to we had a picnic in our front yard..and it was great….it was exactly where I was suppose to be..just spending time with them..and everything else could wait..I didn’t even care..I did run around like a mad woman when my three babies where sleeping.{yes it feels like I have three babies..}.trying to get everything done..but managed to go on a short bike ride with the older girls too while they were all sleeping..When you don’t see your kids for almost two weeks..nothing else matters when you get home..just want to soak up everything you missed..and listen to all there stories..and just let go and have fun..did I have a million other things to do.???? Sure but it could all wait…or be put off… {btw..a bean bag works great for her to sit in too..} our is just a little flat..I bet I can buy more beads or something and fluff it back up..
I think I need to be on the lookout for a wide bum umbrella stroller..maybe a foreign one..bc that wheelchair is HUGE!!!! I hit to many things pushing it around..just sayin. and the one that we used at the house worked ok..but I didn’t recognize the brand..and I already forgot the name..
I have myself a reminder I can remember when she gets everything..gets kind of confusing..
Well that wraps up our day..


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you are home with all of your girls and taking time to enjoy them even though you probably do have a million things to do! We will continue to keep your family in our thoughts and prayers!

Heart hugs from Melissa and Maddie!

Anna Theurer said...

I am so happy that you ladies made it home! I love the cute braided pigtails!

I would keep an eye on that little blister just to make sure it doesn't get infected (redness, swelling, warmth, tenderness, red streaks).

Anyway, I will continue to keep everyone in my thoughts and prayers.

Becky said...

Oh happy be home! I am so glad to hear all is well. Love the picnic!

Laura said...

You are home! Yeah!!!! I hope each day has been getting easier for you and Avery. Seeing her picnic outside made me smile.