Tuesday, March 20, 2012


10:45 am and they are just closing up…Everything went great…Praise the Lord! The Dr. came out and talked to us..He said that her joints went very loose on both sides after she was sleeping…not a lot of blood loss..only had to do the triple pelvic osteotomy which is good news..no femoral osteotomy too..after they did the triple pelvic her hip stayed in place so there was no need to continue on and do the femoral osteotomy..I should have a picture/xray of her hip later that shows where they did the three cuts and put the plates in..…one thing that made my stomach turn a little..I noticed blood on his hands when we were talking..and all I could think about is that is probably my little girls blood..just me being silly I know..
The door that I paced back and forth by over and over again..
One of the hallways that I walked back and forth over and over again..

Time stands still when your little girl is on the operating table or it seems that way anyways..all you can do is think and then think more and then your mind starts playing bad mind games on you..and then you try to clear your head…it’s a vicious cycle that just keeps repeating…
Now comes the hard part..Recovery…
Thank you all for caring for my little girl!
Thank you all for your support and thoughts and prayers!
God is so Good!!


Pam said...

I'm so glad to hear everything went well with Avery's surgery....God is good! Praying that she will have a quick recovery. She looked like she was such a brave little girl in all the pictures!!

Becky said...

I must have missed this one...but glad I found it because you explained the surgery results! Oh so glad to read! Okay, there should not have been blood on his hands??? Did he not wash them or wear gloves??? Just a thought of mine...oh well, the surgery was a success. Yes, praise our Good Lord!

Kristi said...

Becky- i thought the exact same thing!!!!!

Ronda said...

Oooh... that made my stomach roll right there and it's not even my kid! He should have made SURE his hands were clean before he came and talked to you!!!