Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 5

Avery has had a really rough morning..
They had to come and get some labs from her because her heart rate has been higher then normal today. They checked her white blood count..and that came back ok. Still waiting to see on her electrolytes. One other thing came back a little lower..but they said that it was probably to be expected after a major surgery and with some blood loss.
Her fever came back also..Just a low grade fever again but not sure why since it went completely away and then came so they are looking into that..
They also had to cut her cast on the good side where it broke open her skin. She didn’t like the saw that they used..They just cut out a little square of might just be temporarily.  we are waiting for her main dr. Kim  to come and look at it and see what he wants to do..she has a lot of swelling. He may want to go back in and change it and it isnt a easy task..they have to go back in the OR and do it..and put her out for it..
They also took out her epidural. She did not like that either bc there was tape all up her back where they taped the epidural in place..and screamed. They are giving her oxycodone and we can also give Tylenol with it to. Now we just have to find that happy medium place for her and keeping the pain under control.
She didn’t need any oxygen last night while she was sleeping so that is good..
She had a bowel movement yesterday after the suppository..Woooohooo!!!  Never knew I would get so happy to see some poo…lol! So we are just going to keep her soft with the coalax and miralax..
We were listening to our church this morning via Live video and she heard them singing..and she says “ mom” and was comforted and just smiled. I feel very blessed that I could be able to watch it this morning..I needed heart needed..and Avery obviously needed it to. What a blessing it is to hear the congregation  singing and then you hear the kids trying to sing over the adults..”On Christ the solid rock they stand..all other ground is sinking sand.” and Avery trying to sing too..more like a hum..Just plain awesome!  As I am praying with them and hear them praying for my  little girl tears slowly start flowing I am grateful beyond words to be part of such a great church family that pray for you and take care of you when you really need it. That’s what it means to be part of a church.a body of Christ. To God be the glory…
Can you all say a prayer for my uncle and there family....he fell last night on the ice {they are in Wyoming} at one of his grandkids birthday party and hit his head and lost his short memory..and is at the hospital…that is all I know..last I heard he still didn’t have any short term memory..

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Becky said...

I am so glad you were able to connect with your church and get that spiritual strength you needed, as well as what Avery needed to.