Saturday, March 31, 2012


We survived our first day home..I know I probably have some of you confused….Well we were suppose to fly home on Thursday…that was the original plan..but apparently the weather didn’t want to cooperate and it there was ice in New York where our first pilot was flying from so he had to that canceled our whole we moved it to we didn’t get home until around 5pm on Friday. Which made for a very long day of flying bc we left Boston around 7-715am.
So that left us at the house all day on was not really fun…and I was so disappointed about not getting to leave..and so where my girls. We just hang out all day at the house..I did our laundry..we found a bigger foreign umbrella stroller that fit Avery so we did venture out to the grocery store to get a few things for the next day of flying..Can you believe that a pound of ground beef…not even the lean kind costs..wait you are not going to believe this…$7.50 a POUND!!!!! Isnt that INSANE!!!!  I thought so.and Jared got a pack of smokes and guess how much they were….$9.00 we both about fell over..nine dollars for ONE  pack…and taxes are so high in that state..its one of the highest rate states in United States. We were talking to one of our nurses about house values and she said that they were looking to buy a house that was outside of Boston a little bit.a basic 3br/2ba and they couldn’t find anything cheaper then 250,000-300,000  and that isn't even a new house…that is one that needs a lot of work done to it. Wowzers!!  Pretty sure I really like SC!!!;) and lets see we want to elect Mitt Romney for president whose home state is MA…hmmm…Im not a Mitt Romney fan…I'm a Rick Santorum fan…just in case you were wondering..but Im not going to get into politics on lets change subject..k
Anyways here are a few pictures from the day..
Right before we left our room..Traffic Jam over some geese that would not move out of the middle of an was crazy..and people were getting so mad..people have NO patience there..especially when it comes to driving..
It was so cold out during our walk…and Avery thought so to..she covered her whole self up while we were walking..this girls cracks me up!!  she would stick her hand out the top and wave a little wave..then stick it back in and say…brrr….lol!
Does anyone know what this is????? This is THE Harvard Medical School!!
I took this picture bc I wanted to show you all the houses I was talking about..well I might not of told you all about them..but check out there houses..they are like townhomes I guess…just lined up down the street..
Our home for the last week…Children's Hospital of Boston..
This is what happens when you are at an intersection and it says walk…Pure craziness..all traffic stops from all directions..and the intersection just gets slammed with people..
Well that sums up our was really hard taking care of her there bc of the whole bathroom issue..but we did survive!!;)

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