Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday- our flights home..

Like I said in the previous post we didn’t end up flying home on Thursday..we flew home on Friday..flying home with a post op patient is not my idle situation..especially one that uses a bed pan to go to the bathroom…and we fly into small airports so there is no changing table or anything to take the big diaper was very interesting..Jared made his way into the girls  bathroom to help one time..{don’t worry there wasn’t anyone in there..very small airport..everyone knew we were in there..} one of them didn’t have a wheelchair so we had to carry her..very interesting..something I would not want to repeat anytime soon..and to top it off I was very nausea on EVERY plane ride..I did not feel very good..
I told her that it was time to get her medicine and she wasn’t very happy about it..obviously…
Good-bye Boston….
Such a great morning…it was so beautiful..the way the sun was hitting the water…
Hello New York can vaguely see the statue out in the water…look really close..or put on your glasses…
Is that some place you would want to live…hmmmm nope!!!
All of us with Steve the first pilot..who was also our last pilot when we flew to Boston..
All of us with our second pilot bob..who flew us from Philadelphia, PA  to Lynchburg, VA..he was our pilot in the middle of our flights last time too..
Do you remember from my post of us flying there..I showed you a picture of smoke up in the clouds???? well this is what produces it…
Our third pilot…that flew us from Lynchburg, VA to Greenville..he is from Ashville..
and our third plane..I didn’t take a picture of the other planes bc they were the same ones that we rode in before..but this one was a new plane and new pilot…
Woohoo!! Jared actually let me sit in the front for one plane ride out of six..not bad..huh???  it was pretty great..he said he would let me fly if I wanted to..but I chose not stomach wasn’t feeling very great on this one..and he assured me he had a puke bag if I needed!
But we made it with everything still in tact and nope didn’t loose my that always a plus!!;) Its so good to be home..when we were flying home over Greenville it was so neat to see all the azaleas blossoming and the pear trees, and the pink cherry trees…and also everything is SOOOOO GREEN here…we both picked up on that right away..and of course the weather is more my kind of weather..oh yes there is no place like home..home in the Carolinas!!!

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