Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 7

Today has been another good day. I think we have turned the corner...and are heading up.. Cant belive its only been a week..it seems like we have been in the hospital way longer then that.
She is starting to eat a lot more and be back to herself more. and more each day. She sat in the chair for quite awhile today..
Im still not getting hardly any sleep..I need to teach Avery the night nurses name before I go to bed…she will yell Ma….Ma…Ma…Ma.. and on and on until I respond..then I will say what..and she says potty..so I start to get up and then the nurse sees me so then she comes in to help..and then the alarms from her sleep machine of course keep going off..THEY ARE SOOO SENSITIVE!!!!  I forgot her chin strap at home and air escapes out her mouth when she sleeps and apparently it is to much air and they don’t have a chin strap here of course..so 
Fever has gone away..and hopefully will stay away.
We are staying on top of her pain medicine so she isn't in any pain…although more movement seems to bring on more pain..so she don’t move to much
We had to do a hip x-ray this morning but haven't heard or seen it so I don’t know if everything still looks good..I sure hope so…it better anyways..
We are trying to work everything out to come home on Thursday. They are still talking about letting her out on Wednesday or Thursday really early..if the let her out on Wednesday it wont be until later and then we will take a cab to the house we are staying at and then just stay there for the night..and then get a cab to the airport. Getting home is going to be really tricky bc we wont have a wheelchair..also it is going to be really tricky staying in that house too..but we will manage I'm sure.
Nothing is growing in her cultures that they took yet so that is good. but we have to give it 72 hours for sure..
They decided not to give her a chest x-ray for the time being..not sure if I like this or not..bc she has been more gunky sounding and coughing more..and so I am a little worried/ paranoid that she might have pneumonia and may be aspirating on her liquids or something. bc once upon a time she did do that..and used to get  pneumonia bc of it. and she will cough sometimes after she drinks..{which is a sign}
We had a false alarm today..her white sticker must of slowly been coming off of her..bc I was watching it and the numbers slowly started to go down…and then all of a sudden an alarm goes off and it is blank on the screen and I look at Avery and she looks at me so I know she is ok but then you should of seen it..EVERYONE was outside of our room..all crowded around..and then I reassured them that she was fine..
The medicines are making her a little loopy I think..bc in her sleep she will let out a giggle..and she is little bit more giggly when awake too
Heres some pictures from the day…
The music lady came by again today..but I really don’t think she likes this lady..lol..she always looks the other way and never wanted to make eye contact with her..lol
See that leg up…so flexible..and the other picture is going for a ride in the wheelchair to go get an xray

Thanks for all the prayers for my uncle..he seems to be doing better..they let him out of the hospital the next day…


Becky said...

I am glad to see you may have turned the corner. I am agreeing that lady singing was not working for Avery. The picture cracked me up! Good to see her up in the wheelchair and smiling! Home soon...:)

Michelle said...

So good to see Avery smiling and acting goofy!!!

Abigail Spaulding said...

She's soooo cute!!!
Love & God's Peace, Abby

Laura said...

Just catching up again on Avery. First, the music lady is a little scary. She is so close to Avery, singing with a large guitar. I know that would definitely freak Colin out! Hoping you are on your way home!