Sunday, March 18, 2012

We made it to Boston!

We left this morning to go to Boston..we had to be at the Greenville Airport at 730…it has been a long day for everyone. We flew on three different little..I mean LITTLE airplanes to get here..{lots of pictures..}
Our first flight…was with Pilot Benton…or Captain Duck..{he talked like Donald Duck..}
On our first was kind of rainy..and kind of bumpy…..can you see the rain off to the right of us..
Jared also got to drive the airplane on the first flight..and this is me scared…lol!
Our pilot..whew..glad he is back in control…:) When we were down with the flights all the pilots wanted to take a picture with Avery..Benton even prayed over her too..
Our second flight took off from Lynchburg, VA with Matt. They were all four seater planes..two seats in the front and two seats in the back.
Daddy..can you hear me???….She loved wearing the headphones but they kept falling off of her head..everyone wore the headphones to hear what was going muffled the sound a lot..
The next picture of the smoke above the clouds is from a nuclear plant down below..this is what it looks like about the clouds…that it was pretty neat and my kids would like to see that..
Our third flight took off from Philadelphia with Steve. which was by far the most scenic flight. but it was a different plane…it had the wings on top of the plane.
To the right of this picture is New Hampshire beach..we also flew over JFK airport so we saw a lot of airplanes above us..and below us..and next to us..crazy !
Longview Beach in NY…
Boston, MA
Avery with Steve…
We got here around 330..and by the time we got to our house and check in it was about 430…I apparently don’t live in the city and know how much to tip a taxi cab driver..bc I got one pretty bad at me..oops..he wouldn’t even get my luggage out of the back and then after I got it out he slammed the trunk shut..I guess I have to look up how much to tip a cab driver..but really he already charged me while he was just sitting there punching the address in..three dollars so he can have that for a tip…the one bad thing about flying these small lunch and no place to grab a lunch..bc you small into small airports and there is only a vending we were all starving here by the time we got here we went out and found a food court that is by the hospital and then we also found a CVS to get a few groceries..and I cringed at how much I paid for each item..oh well..I couldn’t bring any of it with bc of weight restrictions..we were only allowed to bring so many lbs of luggage..and I squeezed everything I could in the small duffle bags..
The house is nice..I haven't got any pictures of that that will be another day…but there are three floors of rooms with about ten rooms per floor..and shared bathroom per floor..can I just say … sorry but that grosses me out a little..I am going ot have to find out when they clean there bathrooms and make sure I am the first on in there to take my shower..or I will have to get some bathroom cleaner at CVS and clorox it before I take a shower..there are two full bathrooms and one half bathroom per floor.. then on the main floor there is a kitchen and a main sitting area and a little play room with a huge our rooms is only a bed and a chair and a dresser.our house is actually right next to the Ronald McDonald house. WEll that sums up our day..
ooh yea. Happy Anniversary to my awesome hubby…it was our 12 yr Anniversary today…cant belive it has been twelve years already..what a way to spend it..huh??? oh well we will never forget it..that’s for sure!


Pam said... glad to hear you all made it to Boston without any problems. Love all the pictures! I will be praying for Avery and your family. Happy Anniversary :)

Becky said...

Glad you are there safe and sound...I am kind of scared of little planes! Wat an adventure!

Love the wedding husband and I are at 14 this your dress makes me smile!

Anonymous said...

I will be sending prayers to both you & Avery. I'm glad you both were able to have a fun plane adventure today. You got such wonderful pictures! -Sarah