Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 4

Well there isn't a whole lot to update on today.. they are leaving the epidural in one more day. The maximum number of days that you can leave it in for is 5 days and that will be it will come out tomorrow. I was hopping that maybe they would take it out today so she could get up and move around a little but nope. She still isn't eating very well but we are slowly moving in the right direction I think today. So the pain management team is thinking that by tomorrow she will really be eating good. The reason behind that is bc they are thinking that since she hasn’t been eating very well means that she still might be a little nauseous and we cant put her on oral pain medicine if she is nauseous bc then they would come up and then how can we control her pain..They are giving her the valium every 6 hours to control with the muscle spasms..they are staying on top of it today..whew! 
She had a  good night sleep last still not so great..again the CPAP machine is sooo sensitive..and it beeps if there is just a little bit of loss of air from the mask around her face..soooo frustrating!!! She is still having oxygen at night and sleeping..we will see how her stats are when she takes a nap today..
She is constantly trying to get her IVS out…she only has two in now..both in the same hand. She does not like anything in them either..she shes the nurse coming toward that arm and she hides her hand from the nurse…She doesn’t like anything in them. She keeps a very close eye on the nurse anytime she is in the room. Out of the corner of her eye you will see her just watching the nurse with one eye up a little..too funny…
Our main goal still today is to get some poo flowing…sorry!!  {TMI skip to next paragraph! } Narcotics can really slow a person down and then not being able to get up and move doesn’t help either..and then her having her hirschsprungs too which causes constipation well its too many x’s against her. So we just put a suppository in to help..also ordered a stool softener on top of the Miralax.
We are still controlling her itchies with some medicine.. which helps a lot..she gets that every four hours.
The day nurse today is great..she is keeping on it for sure..
The nurse that she has today actually checked her cast out  (the other ones didn’t..well they did the first two days..but then a day or two went by where no one was checking it) and she has an open wound on her left hip {other one} where the cast is hitting her hip the Ortho doctor cam by and added some padding to the cast and said to make sure we re position her every couple of hours so she doesn’t get sores..I will have to do that at home also. and keep an eye on her skin and make sure she doesn’t get any open sores..
Avery got a balloon bouquet and pillow pet from Jared’s work and there is a big dolphin balloon in there and she LOVES it!!!  It is at the end of her bed and she points to it a lot and says fish…Thank you guys for that!!!! Do see the heart pillow next to it…kind of a funny story…but one that we will remember..they give you a pillow so everyone can write something to Avery but they usually have a square pillow I think on the regular floor…well since we were on the cardiac floor to start with all they had was a heart pillow and on the back of the pillow is a picture of your heart..and then they usually draw on it to show the surgery that you had on your heart..and well since she didn’t have heart surgery she doesn’t have the drawing on it but just the picture of a heart. lol! Its cute from the front anyways..
Her friends with her in her bed…
Well thanks again EVERYONE for all the Love, Support, and Prayers!!


Becky said...

Small but positive steps! the balloons!

Laura said...

I'm with Becky, I'm cheering for these small but positive step!