Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 8

We are FREE!!!!  Woohooo!! I cant believe it…We got released around 5 tonight. Ya’ll should of seen us trying into our was a HOOT. Jared and I kept giggling about it. We couldn’t get a wheelchair bc it wouldn’t fit in the airplanes so we just said that we would just carry her. The sidewalk was lined up when the taxi driver drove away..and here Jared was carrying he wasn’t much help..but did take one I went in an got a stroller and loaded it up..well I loaded it so up that it fell over..and I have like three bags on each side of me did we get so much crap at the hospital is beyond me!! Well anyways we get us all in the elevator and Jared drops his bag and it goes everywhere..and I get the stroller out of the elevator and once again it tips I  lean over to get it and about fall over myself bc I'm kind of top heavy with all the bags I'm Jared just stands in the middle of the elevator to keep the door from closing and keep Avery from falling then I go in the elevator to pick everything up..and come out to try to get us down the hallway into our room and I hear the door shut on our room..Putts..he went in our room and let the door shut with Avery..big Putts..don’t worry about me..I got it all under control.Winking smile {but on his defense Avery is very heavy and hard to hold..} Once I got in the room and threw everything legs KILLED!!!  the top of my thighs. So I hope you all had a good visual of us…if me it was pretty hilarious. its going to be even more funnier on our way to the airport with even more luggage and no wheelchair. It will be interesting to say the least. 
Her hip x-rays looked great the dr said. Her hip is still in place which gives me relief bc I swear I heard the same popping noise right after her surgery and she was only moving that one leg that was in the cast..Dr. Kim said that there was no way but he would do an x-ray before we leaved anyways so we would be able to tell.. He said he moved it around many different ways during surgery and it never came out. So here is where I have to and just know that she isn't going to be able to pop that one out anymore..but the other one..well its almost like she is going through withdrawals on not being able to pop it out so she pops the other one out a lot more.
I got a chair massage last night..boy was that nice..they have it up on the ICU floor and asked if I wanted to go for one and I was thinking at first it was just a chair that you go and sit in and it massages you for awhile but no it was an actual massage lady but instead of laying on a sit and your face is in the chair and the rest of you just curve around the the ones that you see at the mall or something..but the lady was really relaxing. and it was short lived..very short lived like only 20 minutes but hey its free and it was just what I needed!
We are to follow up with her orthopedic doctor in Greenville in 3-4 weeks. Where they will get another hip x-ray. And then I don’t know what we will do..if we have to come back up here in anther 4 weeks or if they will take care of it there. we will see I guess.
She is more gunky like I said but the drs said that she just needs to clear it out and right now its nothing bc her lungs sound clear. Just watch her and if she gets a fever over 101.. But she is very more prone to get respiratory issues.and sicknesses.and she said to stay away from extra places where germs live..and have people wash there hands more around her. so she doesn’t get any sickness bc with the cast on restricts her breathing some and she already is more prone to get pneumonia bc she gets it alot . So what do you do??  SHe must not realize that I have two kids in school who bring home everything and two two year olds that are full of snot and colds all the this recovery could be pretty interesting we def are not out of the woods yet.
While we were eating our supper there were two other moms there with there boys who also happen to share that same extra chromosome that Avery has. So we chatted for was there for there neck and one was there for there cardiologist appointment.
I also meet another couple in the hospital family room one night on the heart ICU unit when we were up there such a neat family..we actually kept running into each other and after her husband went back to MN {where they are from} we met up for lunch yesterday and then we had breakfast and lunch together today.We hit it off right we were long lost friends..really it was was go good to just talk to someone that really really understands.and just laugh and take our minds off of everything else...but they could use lots of prayers for there little girl..she had heart surgery actually this isn't the first one..and today she was telling me that she has developed an infection. and they still have a long road of recovery ahead of them.
Also one more prayer you remember that sweet girl that came to see us wearing the here if you dont remember..but she is having surgery tomorrow here at Boston Childrens Hospital..she could use lots of prayers tonight as I am sure her nerves are getting the best of her..and tomorrow morning and also for a smooth recovery.
We leave to go home tomorrow.I can not wait too see my other kids...Prayers would be greatly appreciated! It is going to be a long and rough day. on everyone especially Avery. and im not sure how everything is going to work out…especially the bathroom situation bc she is peeing in a bedpan and well as you can imagine it isn't going to be easy at all..
Some pictures of course…
Avery got a sponge bath last night…im not looking forward to them at all..
This is how I found her when I came back from lunch…she had slid down in her bed..silly girl..
Our ride out of here!!

Well I suppose that wraps it up…I need to be getting to bed..I don’t have nurses anymore so I have to set my alarm clock to get up with give her her medicines and also to reposition her.
Thank you again for all the love, support, and prayers for us during this time.and in the coming days. We really appreciate them and all of you!


Laura said...

Yay for going home! There is no place like home!

Becky said...

Oh so good to hear! I will pray for safe travels tomorrow. It will be so good to be home...:)

Pam said...

So glad to hear you all are going home!! I'm sure Avery will be glad to get home to see her sisters :)

natalie said...

so glad to see a happy avery and a ride home. i hope all travels go well and that her sisters are excited to see her