Thursday, March 22, 2012

Making the Cast Removable

They made the cast  removable during her surgery. It had two slits on each side that they cut then just taped it for the time being. So they had to prepare the cast..basically that means put padding on and a net over it all on the inside bc there was a bunch of cotton before. So in order to do that it is kind of a process. They have to take the top half first then they keep the cotton on her and wrap her up in ace bandage so she doesn’t move and the bottom of the cast is still there. she doesn’t like to be touched and monkeyed with really so she fussed a little bit for the first part..she was more fussy and irritable we upped her valium again..just for this bc of all the extra movement and everything..and for the back piece you are suppose to roll her on her stomach after you put the front piece back on and then take the back piece off and wrap her up again in the ace bandage then she just lays there on her stomach for like an hour while they prepare the other side. Well her nurse, and Dr. Lee wouldn’t give her the clearance to lay on her stomach for the hour bc it puts a lot of pressure on her lungs and you cant have any respiratory problems but since we have been having lots of problems with her breathing and respiratory issues that is why they wouldn’t clear her to do it. So there was three of them that just lifted her straight up and then put her back down while they prepared the back piece..but it was putting the back piece back on that was rough..very rough. They did the same to put it back on..just lift her straight up and slide the back piece back under her and then you put the front the front back on and line it all up and strap it together...whoa…that was an experience..I def had my crying hurt…it hurt so bad to see that. it was gut wrenching. She was in so much pain..and crying uncontrollable and wasn’t consolable at all. She must of thought she was getting out of it or something crazy like that and she fought putting it back together. It was a long process that I don’t wish to repeat anytime soon! We increased her epidural a little for the time being and also upped her valium like I said…In the end it might be a good thing that it is removable but Dr. Kim doesn’t want us to remove it at all until her first appointment back and after the first set of xrays which I think is like the the first 4 weeks.
One other thing. The injury prevention specialist stopped by about how we were going to get home. WE are going to have to buy a no back booster from them to take her to the airport. That is pointless and ridiculous bc that is all we need it for. Then after that the car seat is ours to do what ever we want to do..we don’t need it for the airplane..Do these people not realize that the little planes that we are flying home on don’t have any room..getting the wheelchair in is going to be pushing it..and now we have to worry about a car seat too..they wont let us just leave in a taxi with no seat. so what do you do! I don’t even think we are going to be able to get a wheelchair here..bc of the no room. so much to think about and plan…urghh! 


Becky said...

I bet you are so ready to get out of there. To see your sweet child go through so much...oh my. My girls and I prayed together for healing and you all to be home soon.

Abigail Spaulding said...

Awwwww! So tough!! Praying for all of you! Love & God's Peace, Abby