Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 6

She has made a complete turn around from last night..which is good news…She had a rough night..and was up a lot but today she seems to be WAY better..We might of found the happy medium dose of 1.4 mg  .4 mg less then what there were giving her{ putting this in my notes so I will know next time} of oxycodone that doesn’t knock her completely out..but still seems to be controlling her is giving around the clock every four hours along with her valium every 6 hours. and Tylenol every four hours to control her fever. which seems to have dropped some but hasn’t gone away..has been staying at 99.4 with Tylenol in her.
They also came today and cut away the cast that was digging into her incision on her right leg. and she seems to be way happier with that too..they made a few other cuts to fit her properly also. and to accommodate the swelling for now.
They are going to do a chest x-ray later on today/tonight to see if maybe pneumonia has set in her lungs.
Her heart rate is still higher then normal..they are still thinking it might be bc she may be dehydrated..they took her off of her IV fluids during the day and might put her back on them tonight..but the girl has been peeing like crazy today and everything has been going good with that..she pees really well in a bed pan which is great…
She is starting to eat more again today.
She is really starting to be herself…and talking more so that is good to see..
We are looking at getting out of her on Wednesday or Thursday morning and flying home on Thursday..talked to the pilot today..Steve is actually going to be our pilot again for the first flight and I think Bob is going to be our pilot again for the second flight so that is great..bc we already know the pilots..but we cant get Benton the other pilot bc he only flies on the weekend..
Can not wait to get out of here…its been too long since I have been outside..apparently it has gotten cold again here..and of course I miss my other girls like crazy…
And here are some pictures girls…my girls were wondering how come I haven't put any pictures up lately..
Avery decided she didn’t want to see anybody anymore..she had had enough!  Her sitting in a chair for the first time
This girl loves George!!!!  Has been a huge quieter down…she starts watching George and will start quieting down..gotta love George!!
There's that smile..I love!!!
Daddy coloring with Avery…Jared found George with an invisible marker…I used to love them…anyone else..I have not seen them in forever..Jared claims he never has did one before…I think he has been! Avery had fun doing it anyways..
Avery had some visitors today..Yay!!!  It was so great to actually see some people and talk to them other then medical people and the computer.  Thanks for the visit and food…{it was very yummy..:)}
and the gift..Avery loves these magnetic dolls..Another thing that I loved to play with when I was a kid but don’t find ever..I actually had to make my girls some bc you cant find them anywhere..I think I need to scope out hospital gift shops more often…


donna marchand said...

Great news!! Been thinking about her and you all day. Having a baby in the hospital is something no momma should ever have to go through.

Becky said...

Yeah! I am so glad to see Avery smiling. Home is near...:)

Pam said...

So glad to hear she is feeling to see that beautiful smile of hers!!

Priscilla said...

Yay!! I sure have been praying she would get better! So glad that it worked for Leah, Julia, Maria and Elicia got to meet up with neat! Made me lonesome to see them in the pics!! Hope and pray Avery keeps getting better n better! Live and Gods peace, Priscilla

Natalie said...

Love to see her feeling better. She is so adorable. Hope it becomes a speedy recovery after this. I pray that avery and your Uncle can both get well soon. Hope to see improvements in both him and in Avery. I hope that cute little Avery can be back to normal soon. I want to see nothing but good post for the rest of this recovery.